Porsche Cayman

Second Fiddle Moves To First Chair In the interest of full disclosure and a bit of bloodletting, allow me to admit that while I've always coveted the Porsche Boxster and its hard-hatted Cayman cousin, I've never quite warmed to them visually. They've always had a certain push-me, pull-you,…

- Reviewed by Chris Paukert


2015 Porsche Cayman
MSRP: $52,600 - $75,200
2014 Porsche Cayman
MSRP: $52,600 - $63,800
2012 Porsche Cayman
MSRP: $51,900 - $67,500
2011 Porsche Cayman
MSRP: $51,900 - $62,100
2010 Porsche Cayman
MSRP: $51,400 - $61,500
Chris Harris hits the track with the Porsche Cayman GT4

Chris Harris brings his enthusiastic energy behind the wheel of the new Cayman GT4 and shows what Porsche's hardcore creation can do around Portimao. He also puts it on the lift to see what makes the model so special.
Porsche already considering even more hardcore Cayman GT4 RS?

Porsche just introduced the Cayman GT4, with its 3.8-liter flat-six churning out 385 horsepower. But according to Evo, the German automaker is already looking at an even more hardcore GT4 RS.
Porsche Cayman GT4 storms Switzerland with 385 hp [w/video]

Porsche has revealed its most hardcore Cayman yet – the GT4 – here at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

For Sale

2007 Porsche Cayman
$33,998 / 30,315 miles / MD
2008 Porsche Cayman
$27,876 / 31,248 miles / MD
2008 Porsche Cayman
$31,591 / 17,270 miles / MD
"Nearly 45 percent of the new Cayman body is aluminum