Porsche Boxster

You know the sound: the startling pop-brraaap-pop-pop shotgun fire of unspent flammables coursing through exhaust pipes that usually signals a raw, naughty powerplant beneath the hood. But when you're nestled in the Porsche Boxster GTS' snug seats, it's not a crackling small block V8 or a...

- Reviewed by Basem Wasef


2015 Porsche Boxster
MSRP: $51,400 - $73,500
2014 Porsche Boxster
MSRP: $50,400 - $62,100
2013 Porsche Boxster
MSRP: $49,500 - $60,900
2012 Porsche Boxster
MSRP: $48,100 - $65,200
2011 Porsche Boxster
MSRP: $48,100 - $61,800
Porsche 911 going all-turbo this year save for GT3 and GT3 RS

The engine in the coming Porsche 911 GT3 RS will be the heart of the turbocharged engines going into the 2016 911 range coming later this year. It will remain naturally-aspirated in the GT3 models, but get boosted help for every model below those. Elsewhere, the next Boxster and Cayman will get turbocharged four-cylinders, and a V8-powered mid-range Porsche supercar is still in the works.
Next Porsche Cayman and Boxster to be called 718?

Automobile reports that the next-generation Boxster and Cayman will be subsumed into a new range of vehicles under the Porsche 718 moniker. That new 718 range will encompass coupes and convertibles covering a wide performance spectrum, and use the flat-four engine we've been hearing about for years.
911 beware! Porsche testing new top-trim Boxster

The Boxster and Cayman are like the scrappy siblings compared to their star brother – the Porsche 911. And now it looks like the rivalry is about to get even more serious, as our spies have captured this hotted-up Boxster doing some winter testing.

For Sale

2014 Porsche Boxster
$64,950 / 5,369 miles / VA
2012 Porsche Boxster
$37,950 / 22,998 miles / VA
2010 Porsche Boxster
$32,950 / 31,436 miles / VA
"The seats are very comfortable and the driving position offers good visibility for a low-slung sports car.