Nissan NV200

2015 Nissan NV200
MSRP: $20,720 - $21,710
2014 Nissan NV200
MSRP: $20,490 - $21,480
2013 Nissan NV200
MSRP: $19,990 - $20,980
How Nissan's NYC Taxi of Tomorrow has turned into a nightmare

"Why can't we have competition? Why did the city think there had to be exclusivity?" – Taxi Association
Nissan's London Black Cab postponed because it can't meet emissions targets

Emissions concerns in London are causing headaches for Nissan, as the company continues its efforts to bring its Black Cab to the city's streets. A proposed ultra-low emissions zone could lead to standards in the city center that are so strict the gas-powered taxi can't meet them, AutoExpress reports.
Chevy City Express headed for dealers

With competition coming from the Ford Transit Connect, it's high time Chevrolet got in on the compact hauling action and took the fight to its cross-town rival... and it's doing so with a little help from Nissan. The Chevy City Express, a badge-engineered Nissan NV200, is now arriving at dealers, giving Bowtie fans a counter to Dearborn's compact van.

For Sale

2014 Nissan NV200
$23,210 / unknown miles / WA
2015 Nissan NV200
$24,050 / unknown miles / WA
2015 Nissan NV200
$24,265 / unknown miles / WA
"Cargo carrying is helped by a load floor that is flat all the way to the front.
Nissan of The Eastside
11815 NE 8th St Bellevue, 32469 7.0 miles
Aurora Nissan
14005 Aurora Ave N Seattle, 32597 8.2 miles
Bellevue Nissan Service
13551 SE 27th Pl Bellevue, 32469 8.2 miles