2004Land RoverDiscovery

Land Rover Discovery

2004 Land Rover Discovery
MSRP: $34,330 - $40,685
2003 Land Rover Discovery
MSRP: $34,350 - $40,350
2002 Land Rover Discovery
MSRP: $33,350 - $37,150
2001 Land Rover Discovery
MSRP: $33,350 - $36,750
2000 Land Rover Discovery
MSRP: $33,350 - $36,100
First new Land Rover Discovery Sport rolls off assembly line

When Land Rover revealed the new Discovery Sport at the Paris Motor Show, it didn't just present a new model; it kicked off a whole new era for the British purveyor of sport-utility vehicles. And that new era has officially started now with the production of the very first model you see above.
2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport targets lux CUVs with off-road chops, room for seven

LR2 Replacement Arrives In Early 2015, Priced From $37,995*

Land Rover's latest product offensive has targeted the brand's high-end Range Rover line, with the eponymous fullsize model receiving rave reviews alongside critical acclaim for the midsize Sport and compact Evoque. As we found when testing the LR4, that's left the standard Land Rover models in a particularly bad place, a fact that's doubly true when analyzing the entry-level Land Rover, the unloved LR2.
Land Rover Discovery Sport put to the test ahead of September 3 debut [w/videos]

Engineers have a heck of a job on their hands developing any new model, but when it comes to an SUV, they've got to conduct testing both on the road and off. That's why, in preparation to launch the all-new Discovery Sport, the development team at Land Rover has built 181 prototypes that have already covered some 750,000 miles over all manner of terrain. The prototypes have waded through two feet of water, climbed up 40-degree inclines and down 45-degree grades and endured temperatures from -33

For Sale

2000 Land Rover Discovery
$3,990 / 108,896 miles / NJ
2003 Land Rover Discovery
$4,995 / 122,912 miles / PA
2002 Land Rover Discovery
$6,995 / 100,806 miles / PA