Honda Insight

2010 Honda Insight EX - Click above for high-res image gallery First impressions can be problematic, even more so when reviewing a vehicle. When the media gets its first shot at a new offering, the automaker typically invites journalists to a location of its choosing to drive under conditions…

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2014 Honda Insight
MSRP: $18,725 - $22,190
2013 Honda Insight
MSRP: $18,600 - $22,065
2012 Honda Insight
MSRP: $18,500 - $21,965
2011 Honda Insight
MSRP: $18,200 - $21,490
2010 Honda Insight
MSRP: $19,800 - $21,300
Honda Accord Hybrid sales capacity constrained

Honda might be selling more hybrids if it could just get them to dealers. While the second-generation Insight never lived up to sales expectations and production is ending, the Japanese automaker is seeing strong demand for the Accord Hybrid here and abroad. However, there is so much global consumer desire that it can't keep them in US showrooms.
Honda Insight finally, officially dead

Earlier this week, we told you that the Honda Insight was scheduled to get the axe – something that had been rumored for a long time. Now, Honda has officially confirmed that the Insight is being put out of our its misery. That's right, America's most affordable mass-produced hybrid will officially die after the 2014 model year, with production scheduled to end this summer. Honda says that, moving forward, it will focus its efforts on expanding its newer two-motor hybrid system found in th
Honda pulling plug on slow-selling Insight hybrid [UPDATE]

Insight hasn't amounted to even a tenth of Prius sales, and well over half of those sold were JDM.

For Sale

2012 Honda Insight
$11,895 / 46,503 miles / NJ
2010 Honda Insight
$12,981 / 44,010 miles / NJ
2013 Honda Insight
$13,991 / 37,067 miles / NJ
"The Insight is the car your accountant would recommend-and maybe demand after reading that disastrous 401K statement of yours. Imagine paying $24 for a fill-up that gives you a 435-mile driving range.
Sport Honda
911 Middlesex Ave Metuchen, 8840 4.8 miles
Metro Honda
911 Middlesex Ave Metuchen, 8840 4.8 miles
Carmen's Honda & Acura Service
48 North Ave E Cranford, 7016 6.8 miles