FIAT 500c

Fashion-Forward Fiat For Fun Northern California is an odd place – and that's just the cars. For every Toyota Prius-driving eco-yuppie, you'll find a diehard Datsun 510 enthusiast. And you can't toss a bushel of puntarelle without hitting a grease-powered Mercedes-Benz in the East Bay....

- Reviewed by Damon Lavrinc


2015 FIAT 500c
MSRP: $20,145 - $26,395
2014 FIAT 500c
MSRP: $19,945 - $26,195
2013 FIAT 500c
MSRP: $19,695 - $26,095
2012 FIAT 500c
MSRP: $19,500 - $22,500
Record for tightest parallel parking job provisionally broken again

Alastair Moffatt has twice held the record twice for the tightest parallel parking job, his reign broken twice by Han Yue, who did it last time in November 2014. Moffatt couldn't let that stand, so he provisionally broke it again in a Fiat 500C at the recent Autosport International Show in Birmingham.
Fiat updates 500 with new display, automatic transmission for turbo models

Just last month at the Geneva Motor Show, Fiat announced some updates for the European-spec 500, including a new dashboard display. Now it's announced that the same updates are being applied to the US-spec model.
2014 Fiat 500C GQ Edition mans up [w/videos]

Fiat dealers recently welcomed the five-door 500L into their 'studios' as a much-needed second model line, but franchisees are still clamoring for additional new model ranges as most struggle to reach profitability. There's more in the pipeline for the reborn brand, but in the meantime, Fiat continues to rely on special editions of existing products to drum up interest, in this case, the just-introduced 2014 500C GQ Edition. Meant in part to extend appeal of the tiny 500C to more male shoppers,

For Sale

2013 Fiat 500
$11,795 / 38,055 miles / MD
2013 Fiat 500
$10,999 / 41,485 miles / VA
2013 Fiat 500
$11,674 / 35,944 miles / DE
"The NVH gurus have done their job to keep the noise down - the cabin remains quiet even on the highway with heavy rain pelting the fabric top.