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The regulator says the technology is there and costs are falling.

Despite protests from some automakers, the US Environmental Protection Agency maintains its target for reduced greenhouse-gas emissions for 2025.


First US hybrid minivan will go on sale in March.

Pacifica Plug-in Hybrid minivan can go as far as 566 miles on a full tank and full electric charge.


Auto market shows no progress towards CAFE goal.

Fuel-efficiency average doesn't budge from 2015 or 2104 level, as more trucks sales offset higher plug-in vehicle demand.


It qualifies for the gas guzzler tax and falls short of competitors.

It even has the same overall fuel economy as its predecessor.


The EPA tested all three versions: the hybrid Ioniq, the plug-in hybrid Ioniq Blue, and the self-explanatory Ioniq Electric.


Hitting both ends of the performance/efficiency spectrum.

Whether you want power or efficiency, BMW has a new 5 Series for your consideration.


76.6 mpg is impressive. The record is frippery.

The 2017 Kia Niro earned an admittedly specific record with the help of hypermiler Wayne Gerdes.


This means traditional, hybrid, and electric propulsion.

The company is working on front-, rear-, and all-wheel-drive applications.


Do you want to encourage lobbyists, or engineers?

Once again, the Auto Alliance stands against change.


DOE finds fuel cell buses to be significantly more efficient than diesel buses.

An anti-EV engineer eats crow. BMW i Ventures relocates to Silicon Valley. Fuel cell buses average about 6 miles per diesel gallon equivalent.


The already-efficient Pacifica wins the EPA ratings game hands down.

Plus it has a 566-mile range.


So many questions, so few answers.

What will President Trump do? We don't know, but we have some ideas.


New frame, new safety system make an appearance.

Similar on the outside, different on the inside.


MPG figures will be readjusted to '17 calculations next month.

It's the lowest figure since July 2013.


The reasons why are fascinating.

Advanced engine tech and lighter pickups help mitigate the impact of putting more trucks and SUVs on the road.


FCA, Mercedes, and Kia narrowly miss EPA's requirements.

Average fuel economy between all automakers is up to 24.8 mpg.


The engines are more powerful and fuel-efficient than the current V6 units.

Yes, one's a diesel and it probably won't come to the US.


18 city, 27 highway, 21 combined mpg.

Fuel economy figures for the Challenger GT are out.


Petroleum deliveries, too, were the highest since 2007.

We can do better.

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