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Higher SUV sales from lower fuel prices will eventually hinder industry.

Industry is investing $200 billion to boost fleetwide fuel efficiency, and will cut jobs if that investment isn't returned.


It might have an electric or hybrids powertrain, too.

Would like some emissions with your mail, or rather not?


More detailed range ratings from the EPA give insight into the Bolt's livability.

But the Chevy Bolt's 217-mile highway range drags its overall rating down to 238.


Three-wheeled high-MPG vehicles are slated to debut by next year.

Other Elio prototypes are being tested for anti-lock braking systems.


People are wasting $2.1 billion of fuel every year.


The efficiency and emissions standards cover model years 2018 through 2027.

The government expects to also save 1.1 metric tons of GHG emissions through 2027.


Cummins, Peterbilt lay out Supertruck II goals.

What does preseason data tell us about the upcoming Formula E season? Which of these Model 3 suppliers is in hot water with Tesla?


'Give us your docs.'

Will the Japanese Transport Ministry come to the same conclusions as Mitsubishi's internal investigation?


Bosch is now offering the system to other automakers.

It's not just for power, it's also for fuel efficiency.


Japan's Transport Ministry claims automaker overstated fuel economy for eight models.


The proposed speed limit could save over $1 billion in fuel each year.


Changes are unlikely until adoption of new CAFE standards in 2025

Some automakers say mix of higher-octane fuel and higher-compression engines reduce emissions.


Less than a quarter of the hybrids tested were cheaper to run than gas-powered cars.

Lower fuel costs and higher gas-powered fuel economy narrows the gap in vehicle-operating costs.


The new standards go into effect in 2021 for trucks and vans.


It used to be 'about $6,800,' so we can agree to disagree if it's really an increase.

Elio's three-wheeled vehicle should get up to 84 mpg.


More governments expected to follow suit for safer, more efficient, and better looking vehicles.

Replacing traditional mirrors with high-res video cameras offers a number of intriguing benefits.


But the company's leadership denies any knowledge of the comments.

A new hire warned 20 company execs, including senior officials from the company's performance testing department, about the mileage issue in 2005.


Chairman fears strict fuel economy requirements will drive up car prices.

The debate over 2025 Corporate Average Fuel Economy requirements continues.


'Real world' MPG would have to rise to about 40 mpg under the current rules.

Don't tell the EPA it can't be done.


DOE funding fuel, engine co-optimization projects.

Tesla orders enough parts for 300 Model 3 prototypes. Tesla CTO invests in Axiom Energy. DOE announces $7 million for efficient fuels and engines.

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