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SimpleFuel generates hydrogen from water, and fuels at 700 bar.

This hydrogen fueling station fits in your garage.


Tesla connects Melbourne to Brisbane.

Waymo makes a cheaper lidar suite. Tesla connects Melbourne to Brisbane with Superchargers. Senators get RFS assurance from Trump's EPA pick.


Nigeria needs a lot of biodiesel; FLO charging network expands in Ontario.

This video captures a scenic drive in a Model X. Ontario gets 25 more charging stations. Nigeria needs 634,000 gallons of biodiesel a day. Gas taxes were down from 27 percent in 1990 to 19 percent in 2015.


Tesla opens up sales to Spain.

It's nontoxic, but biodiesel suffocates fish. Tesla deliveries to begin around the end of Q1 in Spain. ElonsVelvetJacket scooped Tesla's discontinuation of gray seats.


DOE finds fuel cell buses to be significantly more efficient than diesel buses.

An anti-EV engineer eats crow. BMW i Ventures relocates to Silicon Valley. Fuel cell buses average about 6 miles per diesel gallon equivalent.


NYC approves public EV charging pilot program.

Build your own autonomous driving system, courtesy of Geohot. NYC will build EV chargers in each borough. London mayor shows off fuel-cell double-decker bus.


Valero joins Renewable Fuels Association; Marin County to use electric buses.

Autonomous testing begins in Ontario. Tesla selling energy products alongside cars. Marin County buys BYD buses. Valero joins hands with ethanol.


GKN Driveline supplies eAxle for BMW X1 plug-in hybrid.

New RFS requirements aren't going to please the oil industry. Seattle cuts emissions with XL Hybrids retrofits. BMW's Chinese X1 PHEV uses GKN Driveline's eAxle AWD technology.


Toyota takes Mirai to Just Water basketball event.

Workhorse to unveil W15 electric pickup in May. DOE funds EV promotion in Northeast through Plug In America. Toyota Mirai visits Just Hoops in Venice Beach.


EU emissions goals would be made cheaper through electrification, says ICCT.

Redditor finds "100D" badge encoded in Tesla website. Hamburg Airport uses renewable diesel in its ground fleet. ICCT shows how to hit emissions targets on the cheap.


Iowa E15 retailers raise $12,000 in 'Pink at the Pump' campagin.

Lightness and durability are key to a cheap solar roof. E15 raises money for breast cancer awareness. Maven arrives in LA, San Francisco, and Denver.


The isobutanol blend used cellulose from logging industry waste wood.

Alaska Airlines isn't the first to use biofuel, but it's the first to use it from this source.


EVs will have the most comprehensive routes, but hydrogen will get more options than ever.


FCHEA launches 'Zero Emissions. Zero Compromise.'

Welsh writers love this Welsh FCEV. Singapore's self-driving surge continues. FCHEA touts fuel cell tech in the Northeast.


China gives CH-Auto the go-ahead to build electric cars.

The Mayor of Monaco drove one of the three Mirais in the 2016 e-Rallye Monte-Carlo. US industry would like tax credits to favor domestic producers. CH-Auto allowed to build 50,000 EVs per year.


VW partnering with Siem Car Carriers.

Liquid natural gas-powered ships can dramatically reduce CO2, NOx, SOx, and particulates.


UPS adds range-extended delivery trucks; Renault Zoe to compete in 2016 e-Rallye Monte Carlo.

Autopilot 8.0 gets compared to older versions. Renault Zoe competes in e-Rallye Monte Carlo for third year. Air Liquide celebrates Hydrogen Day with a helpful app. UPS adds more hybrid trucks to its fleet.


Neste to sell NEXBTL renewable diesel in Finland.

Could the VW Beetle get an EV version with the motor in the rear? EPA wants to make higher ethanol blends more accessible. Neste to sell NEXBTL at Finland fueling stations.


It's not legally binding, but a ban on internal combustion could potentially spread across the entire European Union.


DOE announces new H2 funding.

Tesla's new '2170' cells sound impressive. No more Solid White or Titanium Metallic for Model S and Model X. The DOE offers $30 million for fuel cell projects.

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