Audi S7

Performance With Poise As reaction settles down to news that Audi has scooped up Italian bikemaker Ducati right from under the nose of Mercedes-Benz for a cool billion, we can now get back to the four-wheeled performance Audi does best. And there are few better ways I can think of doing...

- Reviewed by Matt Davis


2015 Audi S7
MSRP: $82,500 - $82,500
2014 Audi S7
MSRP: $80,200 - $80,200
2013 Audi S7
MSRP: $78,800 - $78,800

For Sale

2015 Audi S7
$98,140 / 11 miles / WA
"The results are entirely to our liking. On the road, the S7 feels considerably lighter than it actually is. The car's limits are high, and its fluid responses make it easy to control.
University Audi
4701 11th Ave NE Seattle, 32569 3.6 miles
Audi of Eurocar Service
5821 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle, 32569 4.2 miles
Audi-European Import Service
12404 SE 38th St Ste A Bellevue, 32470 7.8 miles