Audi S3

For the last few years, Audi has been publicly toying with building a successor to its Ur-Quattro, a model still glowing in a gritty patina of motorsports glory decades after it left the scene. If anything, the rally car's halo has burned brighter as Audi has matured into a world luxury…

The hot hatch without a hatch | 2017 Audi S3 First Drive

Audi's pocket-rocket sedan gets some good tech updates and remains in a class by itself.
Audi updates A3 with Virtual Cockpit, more goodies

Ingolstadt's baby gets new tech inside, out, and under the hood.

Back in Germany, Audi is introducing an updated version of the A3 family with new lights, engines, and perhaps most importantly, the Virtual Cockpit system. Now if Ingolstadt will only send it our way.
Audi RS3 Sedan coming to America with over 400 hp?

Audi appears set to answer the Mercedes CLA45.

Rumors are popping up that Audi is getting ready to smack down the Mercedes CLA45 AMG by bringing a 400-plus-horsepower RS3 Sedan to America.

For Sale

2017 Audi S3
$51,280 / 15 miles / CA
2017 Audi S3
$49,330 / 15 miles / CA
2017 Audi S3
$49,300 / 15 miles / CA
Subaru WRX STI vs. Audi S3 in compact AWD dustup

It's not every day that a Subaru and an Audi can be reasonably compared head-to-head; the two brands tend not to compete directly in their respective segments. However, the latest WRX STI and the S3 Sedan offer the perfect chance to find out if the working-class Scooby can beat its upper-crust competitor.
The hot hatch without a hatch | 2017 Audi S3 First Drive
We drive the 2017 Audi S3 sports sedan, which has been updated with fresh styling and new technology, most of which is shared with the 2017 A3.
2014 Audi S3 Cabriolet
We test the European market Audi S3 Cabriolet, and find the fetching convertible a good, if expensive, way to drive topless.
2015 Audi A3 First Drive
We spend a full week driving, testing and reviewing the all-new 2015 Audi A3 Sedan in Southern California.

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