Chinese company gives Tesla Model S sedans as bonus

First Eight Of Dozens Already Delivered At WiFi Skeleton Key

We are in the wrong business. Apparently, some companies award its employees this thing called a "bonus." According to reports, it often comes in the form of a cash payout, but it seems it can take other shapes too, including our favorite: Tesla Model S-shape.

Chinese app outfit WiFi万能钥匙 (WiFi Skeleton Key) appreciates its workers so much that it is giving dozens of them an electric sedan as a reward for their hard work and loyalty. The only catch was that they had to have been employed by the Shanda-backed tech firm for at least four months. Reportedly, the act of generosity will cost the start up more than CNY 30 million ($4.8 million at today's rates).

Though perhaps lavish by western standards, top Chinese tech companies have been handing out end-of-year bonuses as large as several years worth of regular pay. According to founder Chen Danian, "Talent is the key determinant for the success of high-tech companies. Through this move, we want to show how much we value and respect our talent." Indeed.

We can only hope that this example of largesse gets echoed by our own corporate overlords, and in case anyone is asking, I'll take a P85D in Pearl White with 21-inch grey turbine wheels. Thank you.

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