Cosworth stands on the list of the most famous engine tuners in the world with its DFV engine engine dominating Formula One for a time in the '70s. So when it teases plans to take on the FA20 engine from Subaru and Toyota found in the BRZ, Scion FR-S and Toyota GT86 abroad, our interest is indeed piqued. Cosworth is promising to take the 2.0-liter, four-cylinder boxer engine from its current 200 horsepower all the way to 325 hp and even 380 hp in a future track version through a series of staged Power Packages. At the moment, only the first stage is available that takes the mill to a potent 230 hp.

Cosworth says that its new strategy is to offer its upgrades in kits rather than individually so that it can be sure that everything works and fits when owners receive it. The Stage 1 Power Package emphasizes helping the FA20 breathe better and includes a nearly complete replacement for the stock exhaust system. There is a sports exhaust with four-inch, diagonally cut, polished tips and Y-shaped muffler, an overpipe front pipe with a spherical resonator and a new manifold header that is 22 percent lighter the standard unit. In addition to that, the kit comes with a software reflash, low temperature thermostat, Cosworth badge and plaque.

The Stage 1 kit is available now for $2,799, but it only includes a cat-back exhaust. Stage 1.2 includes the overpipe and Stage 1.3 incorporates the ceramic-coated manifold. Autoblog reached out to Cosworth, whose spokesperson Kevin Martin confirmed that "Power Package kit components will not be available separately, as Cosworth cannot guarantee their performance levels in isolation."

Cosworth has also released a video showing off the exhaust upgrades. Scroll down to watch it and read the full release, below.

UPDATE: Cosworth has confirmed Stage 1 pricing and provided additional context, which we've added to the story above.

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Cosworth announces shift in performance aftermarket strategy with launch of unique Power Packages

· Cosworth set to revolutionize its approach to aftermarket products by focusing on validated Power Packages suitable for warranty by vehicle manufacturers
· Company deliberately moves on from individual component supply towards fully validated system packages using motorsport experience
· Cosworth unveils first of its new range of Power Packages - the FA20 engine platform for Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT86

Cosworth has today announced a notable step change in its supply of cutting edge performance aftermarket products with the launch of a series of Power Packages for the Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT86.

In stark contrast to its previous aftermarket strategy, Cosworth has deliberately shifted its focus from individual components to the engineering and manufacture of complete packages. This approach enables Cosworth to guarantee reliability while supporting its business objective of becoming an approved upgrade partner for global car manufacturers.

Cosworth is uniquely positioned to offer fully validated packages as a result of its unrivalled heritage at the highest level of motorsport. The company has spent decades building up successful partnerships with car manufacturers so this shift in aftermarket products represents a natural, yet significant step.

The first result of this approach is a brand new range of Power Package options for the FA20 engine platform that drives the Toyota GT-86, Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S. Cosworth Power Packages offer enthusiasts and motorsport professionals the ease and reliability of guaranteed power upgrades that only Cosworth's legendary engineering team can deliver.

Developed using the same methods employed in Formula One and sports car racing, Cosworth has engineered cost-effective and scalable performance solutions that can take the engine's power output from the standard 197bhp to a fully validated 325bhp and eventually on to a 380hp race track configuration. Each successive upgrade Stage builds upon and utilizes components in the previous Stage making this approach unique in the Aftermarket. This staged approach allows customers an affordable path to upgrade their vehicles.

Immediately available is the Stage 1 Power Package.

Delivered as part of complete, integrated performance solution, the Stage 1 Power Package offers a power increase of up to 230bhp, 11.6% on stock.

Stage 1 features:

· A Cosworth premium quality, free flow sports exhaust manufactured in partnership with Nameless Performance, specialists in the exhaust sector.

· A "Power by Cosworth" calibration kit and calibration file designed by Cosworth using the latest technology to maximise the peak performance of the stage components working together.

· An exclusive Cosworth vehicle badge and a uniquely numbered Cosworth authentication plaque.

· A Cosworth performance filtration solution and low temperature thermostat working together with the exhaust and calibration to deliver the predictable and consistent performance customers expect from Cosworth.

In accordance with Cosworth's new approach to the performance aftermarket the Power Packages for the FA20 engine platform provide a set of components that have been designed and engineered by Cosworth to work together as a solution, rather than a collection of individual parts, in order to maximise peak performance and reliability. Designed and manufactured to the highest quality, the first time fit of each individual component is assured, while the scalable system approach means that additional packages can be added easily, integrating each system with the next.

Cosworth Power Packages, uniquely deliver what the customer has long been waiting for:

More power, consistently and reliably delivered, created by a world leading engineering company with over 50 years' experience at all levels of motorsport.

As an example of this modular approach, the first option of the Stage 1 Power Package includes a Cosworth free flow sports exhaust that features two 4" diagonally cut, branded, double wall tips and a stylish "Y" shaped back muffler/silencer. In combination with the other components, this high quality, 304 stainless steel exhaust, with a mirror polished finish, increases power output to 220bhp. By adding the optional combined overpipe front pipe, with its unique spherical resonator, the new calibration power output is raised further to 225bhp. The black, thermally coated 4-2-1 manifold header option has equal length piping and CNC machined exhaust flanges, which helps to significantly reduce under hood/bonnet temperatures, boosting output with calibration to 230bhp while bringing a 22% weight reduction on the standard manifold.

Hal Reisiger, Cosworth Group Chief Executive, commented:

"Cosworth has significantly altered its approach to performance aftermarket. We are now able to supply completely validated solutions – as an entire system – to guarantee reliability and performance. This is a huge step change and one that will enable Cosworth to become the performance upgrade partner of choice for car manufacturers, as well as tuning professionals and enthusiasts around the world.

As the first step in this new strategic approach, we are excited to unveil Cosworth Power Packages for the FA20 Platform, FR-S, BRZ and GT86 cars. We are delivering a series of power upgrade solutions that will allow drivers to unlock the real performance potential of their vehicles.

Cosworth are absolutely unique in what we offer to the performance aftermarket – we are able to transfer the knowledge we have gained from over fifty years of motorsport engineering excellence, and our experience in Formula One, to create our Power Packages, so that our customers can benefit. That is why Cosworth continues to set the standard for aftermarket products."

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 6 Months Ago
      Can we get audio of the actual exhaust sound? Video was sorely lacking... thanks.
      • 6 Months Ago
      Cosworth has their HP curve posted on the link. The Stage 1.3 manifold actually drops the HP (and thus torque) below stock at the famous torque dip in the midrange. The AVO turbo kit has been available for quite a while and it is super reliable and requires no drilling, all OE replaceable. Gives 230 HP at the WHEELS, so around 280 so at the crank. AVO has been around maybe longer than Cosworth. Cosworth is just the hip brand name people know, but all they are doing is aggregating a a Nameless brand exhaust and Ecutek programming, they're not creating their own product for this.
        • 6 Months Ago
        I looked up the AVO turbo kit. Stage 1 is $4400 (not including installation, if you pay for that sort of thing) and it makes the FRS/BRZ go from around 160~whp to 230~whp, and 140~lb-ft to 198~lb-ft of torque. Very impressive gains, and the whole setup sounds like it is very reliable (only 5 - 6psi boost) and all bolt-on, no drilling, no funny stuff. If I had a FR-S or BRZ, this would the the kit to get. At 'only' $4400, it is easy enough to save up for, too.
      Arturo Rios Jr.
      • 6 Months Ago
      I want to hear the damn thing.
      • 6 Months Ago
      That's one pricey ass catback exhaust.
      • 6 Months Ago
      So what is the torque rating?
      • 6 Months Ago
      Needs a small turbo, no lag inducing behemoth just something to bring it up to ~250HP and similar TQ ratings 8-10 lbs of boost, for when ya want it!
      Maor Roffe
      • 6 Months Ago
      I love the idea of tuning a car. But if these tunes aren't manufacturer supported, meaning they're in on the cut, the resell value plummets and the warranty is likely done for. Don't know how rich you guys are, buts thats always been whats held me back. While fun, its a major financial hit to tune a car.
      Cadillac Jack
      • 6 Months Ago
      What a idiotic video, must be directed at morons that think a honda civic is a high performance track car simply by putting on a fart can muffler and a useless cold air kit, plus the stickers on the back window.
        • 6 Months Ago
        @Cadillac Jack
        Did anyone ever tell you to your face you are very condescending and arrogant? If they haven't, it's just a matter of time until they do. You are very condescending and arrogant. See, you didn't have to wait very long at all.
          • 6 Months Ago
          You didn't say it to his face.
      • 6 Months Ago
      Dear Subaru Cosworth gets it, why dont you?
      • 6 Months Ago
      Great, so Stage 1 is an obnoxious fart can.
        • 6 Months Ago
        Yobbo's are going to do that to cars anyway... just like they do with Harley Davidson. Cosworth may as well capitalise on the yobbo market.
      Brandon Magrowsky
      • 6 Months Ago
      im glad someone is doing performance packages for the BRSGT86. but i still think that Weapons Grade's BRZ06 package is the best one so far
      Jon L
      • 6 Months Ago
      This would interest me more when it hits 300hp under one of the other Stages. I dont need 380hp, But closer to 300 like a WRX STi. But I suspect it will start getting into the Nissan 370z Prices for the same HP
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