Garage chargers? We don't need no stinkin' garage chargers. Germany-based Feddz is getting ready to start European sales of its electric bike, and, to do so, it's touting a removable-battery system that makes garage chargers unnecessary, if not almost quaint.

The bike comes in variants that have top speeds ranging from 16 to 28 miles per hour and features two battery capacities that can go for either 45 or 69 miles on a charge (interestingly, both are the same size and weight). That pack can be replenished via fast charger in as little as four hours (or five-and-a-half to seven hours using a 220-volt system), but the key point is that you can have two packs and simply swap a fully charged one onto the bike in minutes. Or, you can recharge the battery when it's connected to the bike. The bike weighs about 73 pounds without the battery and has enough storage space for, "a football, jersey, spikes and a water bottle to take you to the next game," the company says.

The price? Ranges from about $8,260 to $10,000, with first deliveries slated by the end of the month. And the bike, which requires either a "Class AM" or a full drivers license in Germany, is "approved for street traffic throughout Europe," the company says on its website. Check out the one-minute, too-cool video showing off the bike and its rather nimble maneuvers around some European harbor district below.

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