Chevy Spark EV Performance

We like the Chevrolet Spark EV because it's a relatively affordable electric vehicle that's fun to drive, thanks to a respectable 140 horsepower and, more importantly, 400 pound-feet of torque being pumped out of its electric motor. The only major criticism we had regarding the EV in our First Drive were the brakes – they're pretty bad, folks.

As part of its SEMA lineup, Chevy rolled out the Spark EV Tech Performance, which the automaker says features a "unique power-delivery algorithm that enhances acceleration," which we assume is at least partly responsible for raising the car's torque output to 450 lb-ft (which is advertised on its hood and tailgate). That's 52 lb-ft more torque than a Ferrari 458 Italia (which the stock Spark EV has been compared to), in case you're wondering. Stronger axles are equipped to deal with the extra torque, which is put to the ground through tires wrapped around new billet aluminum wheels, but Chevy doesn't say if the braking performance has been improved.

Check out the photo gallery of the Spark EV Tech Performance on the SEMA show floor.