Nissan is up to something. The company announced pricing for the 2014 Nissan 370Z, 370Z Nismo, and 370Z Roadster, which isn't out of the ordinary. What is, is that the standard, hardtop 370Z has received a $3,130 reduction in price for 2014. The upmarket Touring model, meanwhile, has been dropped $2,550.

That means, excluding the $790 for destination and handling, a base, six-speed manual 370Z is only $29,990. That is an excellent deal. Adding an automatic will bump the price to $31,290, while the Touring model starts at $35,270 for DIY shifters and $36,570 for autos. The top-of-the-range Nismo runs $43,020. The Roadster, meanwhile, starts at $41,470.

So what does this mean in the grand scheme? Automakers don't just slash $3,000 off the price of a desirable sportscar because they're feeling generous.Could this be a move to clear out stock before a replacement to the current Z arrives?

The current car, codenamed Z34 by Nissan, has been on sale since 2009 and was refreshed not so long ago. With the 2014-2015 auto show season about to kick off, clearing out parts and inventory by slashing prices could be a precursor to the debut of the Z35 later this year, or in early 2014. That said, there's been precious little information about from spy shooters or internal sources on the next Z. Only time will tell if our guessing is correct. But hopefully, we'll have our answer in the not-so-distant future. Read the Nissan press release, below.
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370Z Coupe starting M.S.R.P.* reduced by $3,130 USD
370Z NISMO and 370Z Roadster pricing unchanged
370Z NISMO features new NISMO design theme with unique exterior and interior accents

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Nissan North America, Inc. (NNA) today announced U.S. pricing for 370Z Coupe, 370Z NISMO and 370Z Roadster, which are on sale now at Nissan dealers nationwide. The starting Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (M.S.R.P.) for the 370Z Coupe has been reduced $3,130 USD and $2,550 USD for the 370Z Coupe Touring grade.

The M.S.R.P. reductions on 370Z Coupe increase its competitiveness in the growing sports car marketplace. This spring, Nissan repositioned the price on seven core models with an aim to broaden the reach of customer consideration during online shopping and research. Prices for the revised 2014 370Z NISMO and 2014 370Z Roadster remain at 2013 model year levels.

The Nissan 370Z Coupe continues to offer extraordinary performance, design and an unmatched heritage as one of the most iconic sports cars in automotive history. There are no significant product enhancements for 2014. The 2014 370Z NISMO has been revised to follow the new NISMO design theme with distinctive new exterior and interior accents. Enhancements include new dark gray coloring for the front and rear fascias, lower side sills, side mirrors and NISMO rear spoiler, with each element (except side sills) featuring NISMO-style red pinstripe accents. Interior enhancements include the addition of a new steering wheel with Alcantara® appointments and red accents and a red NISMO tachometer. The 370Z NISMO continues to offer 350-horsepower 3.7-liter V6, close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission, sport-tuned suspension and brakes and 19-inch forged aluminum-alloy wheels.

Like the 370 Coupe, the 2014 370Z Roadster offers unique design, performance and value – with the added exhilarating sensory experience of an advanced fully automatic convertible top. Complete details on all 2014 Z® models are available at

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices* (MSRP) for the 2014 Nissan 370Z Coupe include:

370Z Coupe 6MT $29,990 USD
370Z Coupe 7AT $31,290 USD
370Z Coupe Touring 6MT $35,270 USD
370Z Coupe Touring 7AT $36,570 USD
370Z Coupe NISMO $43,020 USD
Destination and Handling $790.

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices* (MSRP) for the 2014 Nissan 370Z Roadster include:

370Z Roadster 7AT $41,470 USD
370Z Roadster Touring 6MT $44,170 USD
370Z Roadster Touring 7AT $45,470 USD
Destination and Handling $790.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 1 Year Ago
      this price reduction seems like it has a lot more to do with getting FRS/BRZ shoppers in to look at the Z and decide whether they want another 100+ hp in their sports car. Some will, some won't. This price reduction puts them in the same ballpark, which they weren't in before. I don't think it has anything to do with a new model coming out soon.
      • 1 Year Ago
      Meanwhile in Canada, 370z msrp will be increased by $3000.
        • 1 Year Ago
        Not true all. The engine, wheels and transmission will now become optional. Boy do we get screwed hard here.
          • 1 Year Ago
          I'll rephrase: Not true at all. The engine, wheels and transmission will now become optional equipment. Is that thing powered by VB6? No edit button yet, really?
      • 1 Year Ago
      um... you guys wrote about Nissan Price reductions recently. This might just be an extension of the pricing reductions to increase volume.
      • 1 Year Ago
      I wonder if they fixed the brakes. If what happened to the C&D editors at VIR happens to someone in the real world it could quite frankly kill them.
        • 1 Year Ago
        Yeah that article killed any interest I had in the Z, it's really inexcusable for a sports car to leave the factory with that big of a deficiency in braking. Even a stock Passat performed better than the Z in C&D's braking test. On one hand Nissan dropping the price could mean a new model is imminent, or it could mean they're killing the car altogether. Or it could mean they're replacing the Z with a new Sylvia. Of the three options I hope we get a new Sylvia, preferably turbocharged.
        • 1 Year Ago
          • 1 Year Ago
          Yes, I understand what the problem was.. But at the same time those steps shouldnt have to be taken, the car should have been properly developed by Nissan with adequate ducting to cool the brakes from the get go.. Cooling was the BIG issue. The car should have been designed with adequate ducting from the get go. The alarming part was the brakes went with no warning.
      • 1 Year Ago
      How can such a weird looking car, still manage to look so good, after all these years? Want. Though pricey.
      • 1 Year Ago
      The Z is a great sports car for the price, it probably can be leased with only $400 / month.
      • 1 Year Ago
      If Nissan wanted to liquidate stock, they'd probably lower production numbers, not change price.
      • 1 Year Ago
      My neighbor Steve is gonna be pissed. His new Z hasn't even hit 1,000 miles yet.
      • 1 Year Ago
      Abenomics at work
      Nick Allain
      • 1 Year Ago
      This seems like a Nissan trend - cut or level off pricing to introduce a model above it. I wouldn't be surprised if they're going to show off a thinly veiled concept for something that slots in between the 370Z and the GTR. The GTR has been notoriously moving up-market. They recently did a very similar thing with the G37 and the Q50 whether the Q50 (which technically replaces the G37) will be sold side-by-side.
      • 1 Year Ago
      This has been roughly the same car for 10 years. I guess it's still a relative bargain for a GT car, but it could really use a change.
      • 1 Year Ago
      If they wanted to clear out the lot, better method is putting more incentives rather than lowering the price by 10%. IMO, while the decrease in price for Z is quite a lot, this is inline with their recent strategy of slashing prices on its cars & trucks in response to fiercely competitive market condition, all probably possible by weaker yen. Regardless, this is a great news for those who are looking into getting their hands on the Z!
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