2012 Chrysler 300 SRT8 - front three-quarter view

Chrysler Australia is preparing to launch a new, slightly de-contented version of its 300 SRT8 performance sedan for the Australian market. The planned SRT8 model comes in response to feedback from Aussie buyers, many of whom have expressed interest in a car with the 300 SRT8's performance, but without all of the high-end features and the big sticker price.

The Chrysler 300 STR8 currently sells for around $66,000 Australian; the intended price for the new, stripped down version of the car is reported to be under $60k Australian. That would make the car an even stronger competitor for rear-drive, V8 powerhouses like the HSV Clubsport, which was recently reintroduced at $64,990 AU.

Russ Ruedisueli of Chrysler Australia tells the Brisbane Times that the lower-spec 300 will do away with things like adjustable suspension, adaptive cruise control and forged alloy wheels, while still offering the massively strong 6.4-liter Hemi V8. In fact, this "core" model SRT8 figures to be a bit quicker than the loaded version, thanks to a lighter curb weight.

SRT's Ralph Gilles has indicated that the core 300 SRT8 is being produced now, indicating that the models should be ready for Australian consumption by the middle part of 2013.