Subaru BRZ Canadian Ad

If you've been fighting the urge to sink your bank account into a Subaru BRZ, go ahead and skip this post. As it turns out, our neighbors to the north are being bombarded with a new ad for the sexy Japanese sports car. The spot has all the makings of a winner. With an ear-catching siren, impressive visuals and plenty of slow-motion sideways action. Autoblog Canada was able to visit the set during filming.

PR firm Tribal DDB rented a vacant skating rink just for the occasion and let loose a stuntman amidst the manufactured smoke for a little handbrake fun as the cameras rolled.

Subaru doesn't exactly need any help selling BRZs at the moment. The cars fly off showroom floors faster than the automaker can ship them. Head over to Autoblog Canada for a full write-up on the shoot, as well as a complete gallery of the action. You can also watch the TV spot below.