2012 BMW Z4

The next-generation BMW Z4 roadster is slated to arrive in 2015, and according to new reports, it's going to be a more dynamic machine. Well, slightly more dynamic, since the Z4 will still need to squeeze into the triangulated space between better driving chops and not looking too different than the current car. Buyers may want a better driver's car, but they also want a timeless design that will still look good in 15 years.

Inside Line reports that the next Z4 will have a shortened hood and the lighter, N20 four-cylinder engine – as is found in the Z4 sDrive28i – which will mean better weight distribution. But with BMW aiming to ensure its cars maintain their image for 15 years, we look forward to seeing how engineers and designers collaborate on a harder car that won't be, in any way, too hard.