BMW Megacity EV
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According to the rumors kicking around the interwebs, the upcoming BMW Megacity won't be bargain basement transportation. Autocar cites an unnamed source as saying that when the city-sized electric car hits dealers, it will carry a premium price tag. That likely means that the Megacity will cost more than the Nissan Leaf EV that it's designed to compete against.

That's no real shocker given the Megacity's complete carbon-fiber passenger cell and unique aluminum chassis. Throw in the extensive research and development that's gone into the vehicle so far, and it's not difficult to imagine a lofty price tag for the Megacity when the EV hatch goes on sale as a 2013 model.

There is some indication that as technology and manufacturing costs decrease, BMW will lower the vehicle's price tag, but that's not thought to happen until the Megacity has already been on the road for some time. So far, BMW has said official word one about how it plans to price its EV.

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