1964 Pontiac XP833 Banshee Concept
1964 Pontiac XP833 Banshee Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

You never know what you're going to find on eBay. The auction house of the interwebs routinely plays host to metal both obscure and unique – two categories the vehicle you see above satisfies without question. It's a 1964 Pontiac XP833 Banshee Concept, and while it's easy to think that the car is little more than a warmed over Corvette design, the truth is that this particular Poncho had widespread influence on General Motors design language for more than a decade.

Originally penned by none other than John Delorean, the Banshee was supposed to be a more sports-oriented competitor to the recently introduced Ford Mustang. Unfortunately, when the concept was completed, the higher-ups felt that the Banshee would threaten the Corvette throne and the project was scrapped. It's a song that would be repeated time and time again in the future.

Pieces of the Banshee design would live on in cars like the C4 Corvette and Pontiac Firebird, but the actual concepts themselves were slated for destruction. Fortunately, the studies were boxed up in shipping crates and tucked away for safe keeping, eventually sold to the GM execs who had taken part in the Banshee project. This particular example has a mere 1,500 miles on the clock and sits in its original condition. It can be yours for the right price, but with almost $50,000 on the auction and the reserve not met, it ain't gonna be cheap.

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[Source: eBay Motors]