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Starting to wonder if the Mahindra TR20 (two-door) and TR40 (four-door) small pickups will ever come to market here in the States? You're not alone. Though our Magic 8 Ball still tells us it's likely that the compact trucks will indeed make an appearance at some unknown point in the future, news comes by way of that the Indian haulers have been delayed yet again until sometime in the spring of 2010.

Sound familiar? It should – this isn't Mahindra's first delay. As a matter of fact, it's not its second delay, either, not that the extra time is completely unexpected. After all, it's not easy to launch an entirely new brand in the United States with as-yet untested products.

In any case, Global Vehicles USA, the chosen distributor for Mahindra's wares here in the States, is saying that the TR20 and TR40 have now passed U.S. federal safety and emissions standards and the final paperwork will be completed by February. We shall see.

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