Mad physicist creates cars out of LEGOs

Click above for gallery of LEGO creations by the Mad Physicist

Today we bring you some more wonderfully crazy LEGO creations, this time created by a genuine mad scientist. The creator is actually a physicist living in Southampton, England, and his creations are so insanely imaginative that he is often described as mad by fellow LEGO artists, which explains his Mad physicist moniker on Flickr. His real name is Ralph Savelsberg and he's quite the modeler. On his Flickr page you'll see airplanes, helicopters and buildings, but his four-wheeled vehicles are what caught our eye.

Savelsberg's 1/22-scale vehicles are some of the most realistic LEGO interpretations we've ever seen, which is remarkable considering how small they are. As Savelsberg explains, most of the models were built for various challenges put forth by different LEGO groups. For example, there's a lime green Lamborghini Miura built for the "Who is agent Janus?" challenge on LUGNuts. Besides the Miura and Agent Janus, there's also an Audi TT, Ford F-150 SVT Lightning and Harley-Davidson Edition, BMW Z3, 427 Cobra with a detailed engine, some sweet Volkswagens, an old Benz, a hot rod, muscle cars, a Jag Mk2, even Sonny Crockett and his Testarossa. They are really spectacular and make us want to break out our bricks. Thanks for the tip, Will!

[Source: Flickr via Sooth Brush]

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