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Click on the image to see high-res shots of the "see-through" Subaru

While automakers spend huge amounts of money paying marketing firms to come up with memorable advertising campaigns, sometimes something relatively simple does the job just as well. Take this Subaru Outback. Dreamed up by Stan Palmer Sales of Carlisle, a Subaru dealership in the U.K., this particular Outback appears to be see-through and was developed to promote the marque's new diesel boxer engine, the first such engine in the world. An image in a Subaru brochure was snapped with an eight megapixel camera, blown up and plastered onto the full-sized car.

Though the whole project took just one day, the effort has drummed up plenty of interest. According to Dealer Principal Ian Armstrong, "The reaction has been fantastic, with people almost tripping up as they walk past." Considering that the Outback isn't exactly a fresh model, the added interest has caught the attention of Lawrence Good, Managing Director of Subaru Limited in the U.K, who said: "This car has become quite a talking point back here in head office and is a fantastic and cost-effective advertising initiative. It should inspire other dealers to either copy the idea or come up with their own innovative campaigns." Sounds like they love it.

[Source: Subaru]

Press Release:


An inventive Subaru dealer has devised a see-through car to promote the benefits of the new Boxer Diesel engine.

And not only is the Subaru Outback turning heads but has drastically boosted showroom footfall. The car appears to have a bonnet made of glass, with every engine detail meticulously replicated on a vinyl wrap. Equally startling is the side of the car which shows the engine plus Subaru's famous symmetrical all-wheel drive system and even the exhaust silencer. "Being the world's first boxer diesel engine, we though we should come up with something equally revolutionary to get the car noticed," said Ian Armstrong, Dealer Principal of 'Stan Palmer Sales' of Carlisle. He added: "We saw a cutaway picture of the engine in the brochure and that got us thinking about taking it one step further. The reaction has been fantastic, with people almost tripping up as they walk past. "Customer footfall has gone up dramatically and while it may not mean a sale today, some will come back when it's time for them to change their car." The car was imaged up in one day after a photograph was taken of the engine using a high-resolution eight mega-pixel camera.

Meanwhile, Lawrence Good, Managing Director of Subaru (UK) Limited said: "This car has become quite a talking point back here in head office and is a fantastic and cost-effective advertising initiative. "It should inspire other dealers to either copy the idea or come up with their own innovative campaigns."

Subaru (UK) Limited itself is no stranger to eye-catching stunts. Only last year it hit the headlines with a car transporter which toured the UK carrying three new cars upside down on its lower deck and three the correct way up above them. The promotion was part of the 'Subaglue' campaign to launch the new Impreza and carried the line: "Sticks To The Road Like Glue". The new Boxer Diesel Legacy and Outback range is priced from £20,995 on-the-road for the Legacy 2.0D Sports Tourer. All models have been highly-praised for their supreme refinement, throttle-response and agile handling thanks to the Boxer Diesel engine's light weight and low centre-of-gravity. The engine also provides class-leading fuel economy and low exhaust emissions with, for example almost 50 mpg on the Combined Cycle and 151 g/km for the Sports Tourer.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 7 Years Ago
      If it's coming in as a 2010 model, you have to wonder if it will be the current body style....they need to just drop it on us later this year, and not pull a VW, putting the tdi in the passat the year before the new style came out.

      The most exciting news is that our friends across the pond are pressuring Subaru to give it a six speed manual.

      Also, anyone else think we should be repealing the stronger emission standards for a few years now that ulsd fuel is on the market? We would see EVERY engine from the euro market in months, since they'd almost all qualify without mods. That, paired with pegging diesel prices with the price of regular or premium fuel would do wonders for the everyday driver as well as the truckers and the costs of everything they transport.
      • 7 Years Ago

      Jezza doesn't seem to like the notion (nor execution, in this case) of a Subie diesel
        • 7 Years Ago
        To that end- # bloody sentences is all he wrote about anything pertainent.
        • 7 Years Ago
        having a quick lookthough at the comments on jeremy's review, most give the diesel version high marks, contrary to clarkson's take. as an owner of a legacy gt sedan, id have to say that id give a turbo diesel version (if available) serious consideration just on the mileage gains alone. if those that commented on clarkson's article are in agreement that it is a great execution on a 1st gen, then it can only get better in the years to come, no?
        • 7 Years Ago
        All other (European) press that have reported on the Suby- Dubie reported it drove quite nicely. Perhaps the final emission tune spoiled the soup, like salt, added once too often.
      • 7 Years Ago
      • 7 Years Ago
      It'd make for a great engine swap into a VW Bus. Especially if it was converted to run on Waste Vegetable Oil.
        • 7 Years Ago
        That is what I have been thinking, but rather a used Subaru Baja small truck.

        Subaru under-cut it's baja so much that it didn't tow, was an old chassis with hacked-on bed, and didn't sell.

        If they had "trucked it up" a bit, maybe make it look more like the front of a forester, rather than a car/outback...

        But a diesel, with Subaru's mechanical symmetric AWD setup makes a TON of sense in a vehicle like that. A small convertible/coverable truck bed behind 4 seats, in a mini-truck format. (like a 5/8 scale Avalanche or H2 SUT, or a smaller honda ridgeline, but as an AWD turbo diesel Subaru.)

        I would even suggest a folding mid-gate arrangement, with the rearward side doors be sliding, like smaller version of van doors. I hate getting trapped while loading or unloading cargo items, between front and rear side doors in parking spaces, with either forward or reverse-opening rearward doors. Sliding doors usually have more un-shrouded approaches, and wider openings than conventional hinged doors. If they could figure out how to do it with integrating the B-pillar into the sliding door, that would be even better.

        With proper brakes, transaxle/diff oil cooling, robust suspension, and a 5000/500 class III tow capability... that could be a fantastic little unibody truck.

        And based on the new big Forester, although re-styled as a specific model, not just a bed hacked onto a Forester, and not based on a previous, outmoded chassis, body and interior, as the Baja was. Nothing like keeping an old chassis alive for just one barely-saleable vehicle, while the rest of the line had moved on...

        The reclaimed Veggie-diesel idea occurred to me as well... especially with a vehicle that can be used to go get the veggie oil stock.
      • 7 Years Ago
      That sticker on the hood is too long. The intercooler should be UNDER the hood scoop, not BEHIND it.
      • 7 Years Ago
      God I want a diesel wagon with AWD. Getting 50 mpg in a subaru would be amazing. WHen is the US supposed to start getting these? 2010?
        • 7 Years Ago
        Yup, 2010. The Fuji Heavy Industries honchos are waiting to see if diesels from VW and other manufacturers do well in the US market before they decide to develop it for our consumption. I'd love one as a daily driver so I could park my 2.5RS.

        50mpg? Yes please.
        • 7 Years Ago
        It's likely that the 50mpg cited in the release uses imperial gallons; therefore, the US gallon conversion would result in a 41.7 mpg figure.

        • 7 Years Ago
        Besides using Imperial gallons (1.2 US gallons per), the UK mileage test is different from the US treadmill test.

        Vehicles that are sold largely unchanged in both countries typically score 15-25% higher on the UK test than the US test after making the unit conversion.

        "Almost 50 mpg combined" would be 31-32 mpg combined on the sticker here.

      • 7 Years Ago
      Still believe (now more so) that clean, efficient diesel powered vehicles will be the best power/fuel source "stop gap measure" until a non-petroleum based power/fuel source(s) is/are developed and is/are able to be produced and delivered for use by the masses at prices comparable to petroleum based fuel..lower prices would be even better.
      50 mpg ...??Imperial gallons?? 151 g/km?....these are numbers I would love to be able to give for my automobiles' average mpg...
      To be repetitive...Is the U.S.getting boxer diesel?...if so, when?
      Choices for diesel powered vehicles are becoming somewhat brighter on the horizon ......if Subaru will ship to the U.S. and U.S. will allow it to be shipped here; VW is in process of shipping Jetta diesels for sale in U.S. this summer....60mpg hwy est...wow..; supposedly Honda has diesel in works...BMW may ship diesels here, MB already does have E Class version...? C class for here.....? Audi..has done wonders racing with diesel power......Mitsubishi has concept sports model..diesel powered......Who else? More choices, more competition...should be better for U.S. buyers...hopefully sooner..not later.

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