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While we wait for Ford to let the SVT gang loose on one of the Oval's US-market sedans, it's business as usual in Australia, where the awesome can't be stopped, and the current-gen FPV Falcon isn't going away quietly. Today's evidence: the just-announced FPV Cobra, a limited-edition Boss 302-powered tire incinerator that comes in both sedan and ute form. (Oh, the Boss 302 moniker stands for 302 kilowatts, not cubic inches, btw.) All Cobras are white with blue stripes, and the 5.4L Boss 302 V8 dishes out 404 horses and 398 lb-ft of torque. All that juice is directed aft via a standard 6-speed manual or a ZF 6-speed auto that's available at no additional cost.

Other baubles include standard leather, spiffy 19" wheels, Brembos (which can be further upgraded as well), all the expected badging, and in the case of the sedan, FPV's track-ready R-Spec suspension. Total Cobra production is limited to 500 vehicles, with 4-doors outnumbering utes 400 to 100. Pricing will start at $65,110 AUD for the sedan and $61,200 AUD for the ute. In other news, US customers have the new Focus to look forward to, which looks almost as cool as this Aussie Cobra, assuming you're wearing a blindfold.

Follow the jump for the official press release. Thanks for the tip, Damien!

[Source: FPV]


Ford Performance Vehicles unveils the Cobra
Sunday, October 7, 2007

Cobra R Spec

The iconic Cobra name has returned to Australian motoring, with Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) today unveiling its new special edition GT Cobra and Cobra Ute.

FPV's new Cobra range was revealed during a parade lap of Mount Panorama prior to the start of the 2007 Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000.

Thirty years ago the Ford Falcon XC Hardtop staged the now famous 1-2 victory formation at the 1977 Bathurst 1000 race, which led to the release of the limited edition Cobra XC Hardtop the following year.

"The Cobra name invokes passion among motoring enthusiasts, and now 30 years after the famous 1-2 win at Bathurst, the new FPV GT Cobra offers the exclusivity of Cobra ownership to a new generation of car owners," said FPV General Manager Rod Barrett.

"The new FPV GT Cobra combines the original XC Cobra's bold styling with the latest in FPV engineering and total performance."

"While the vehicle's exterior features the same blue racing stripes and coiled snake emblem that Cobra is famous for, the vehicle will be powered by FPV's latest high performance Boss 5.4-litre quad-cam 32 valve V8 engine, which now produces 302kW."

The new Boss 302 engine powering both the sedan and Ute variants produces 302 kW of power and 540 Nm of torque, and is equipped with FPV stainless steel fabricated exhaust manifolds and a high-flow dual exhaust system.

For motoring buffs, 302 was the capacity in cubic inches of Ford's small-block V8 engine and is also exactly double the 151 kW output of the 1978 Cobra's 4.9-litre V8 engine.

The GT Cobra has a limited slip differential and is available with either a close ratio six-speed manual transmission with a high torque clutch or the ZF six-speed automatic transmission with Sequential Sports Shift.

FPV's innovative R Spec handling package is fitted as standard to the GT Cobra, contributing to the outstanding chassis dynamics of the special edition model.

The white exterior features blue striping across the bonnet, roof and rear deck lid, and is completed by the unique Cobra badge on each front fender and the rear deck lid. The GT Cobra will also include exclusive R Spec badging.

Both variants are fitted with leather seats as standard, with each seat carrying the coiled Cobra snake logo.

The Cobra's Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 245/35ZR tyres are fitted to special 19-inch five-spoke alloy wheels with white accents and a machined face finish.

Production will be limited to 400 sedans and 100 Utes, and each vehicle will come with a unique Cobra build badge identity.

The GT Cobra sedan will have a recommended retail price of $65,110*, while the Cobra Ute will be priced at $61,200*.

Boss 302

FPV Programs Manager Paul Cook said the objective of the revised Boss engine specification was to increase the peak power and torque in the mid to upper engine speed range, without affecting vehicle exhaust emissions and urban fuel economy.

"Several changes have resulted in the increased performance, including improvements to the volumetric efficiency of the engine above 3750 rpm," said Cook.

"This has been achieved by a new inlet and exhaust camshaft profile to increase inlet valve lift and duration, with changes to the valve and valve spring to accommodate the increased valve lift.

The compression ratio has been increased from 10.5:1 to 10.8:1, which has improved combustion efficiency through the scavenging of combustion gas.

The engine calibration has been extensively revised to optimise the engine operating conditions with the new components, while improvements have also been made to improve accelerator response.

The FPV GT Cobra has been optimised to run on 98 RON premium unleaded petrol.

* Pricing excludes dealer delivery and statutory charges

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 7 Years Ago
      Why can't Ford just listen to Ford Europe and Ford Australia?
        • 7 Years Ago
        Probably because theres not much demand here for high horsepower, typical looking cars, as proven by the GTO.
        • 7 Years Ago

        Whether you like it or not, the typical person would rather have a Camry, Accord, or Altima. Sure me and you would prefer this Ford, but that doesn't mean my mom would too. And I'm pretty sure most Americans buy like her....
        • 7 Years Ago
        Oh yeah, Matt. The Camcoordima is oh so stylish. ::Yawn::

        I'll take both the ute and sedan Cobras, please.
      • 7 Years Ago
      It always kills me when people use such logic.

      The GTO proved it...

      The GTO proved that selling a car with aged aesthetics, and a fuel tank in the trunk isn't the wisest choice.

      If Thomas Edison used that sort of pessimism, we'd still be living by gas or candle light, and probably rattling our morse code keys talking about how ungainly the stanley steamer is compared to the tried and true horse drawn carriages.

      It is called progress. If something isn't the right thing, you improve it before writing off the concept.

      And since when do americans not like big horsepower RWD vehicles? This is the land of the pickup truck based V8 SUV, right? And the Mustang in your avatar...

      The GTO name was writing checks that the older Monaro coupe couldn't cash. If it had been a Grand Prix coupe, or a Tempest, or something, it probably wouldn't be so bad, but it still looked soft and round. Good for the 90s, a little dated more recently.

      That doesn't mean that a BETTER car can't perform and sell well.
        • 7 Years Ago
        Right, the GTO failed, therefore a performance model of an average car won't...

        Maybe if they made average cars NOT look like bland vanilla pieces of crap, they might have a fighting chance as a performance model. The aesthetics of the Falcon are improved by SRT anyways, they look much better than their base counter-part. The GTO suffered from an absolutely horrible look. They could have done so much better, but it looked so average it negated any effect the horse power figures could have. Compared to Europe and Australia devisions, the cars in NA are down right conservative and dull. I'd take a Focus ST over any import on the market. Ford/GM/Chrysler have themselves to blame as much as their Import competitors.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Ford is smart not selling their Australian or European cars in American, all we'd do is whine about them as proven by this post.

      Consider this car is flared and striped I highly doubt it would blend in with the sea of traffic in US roads, nor does it really fit the defintion of bland.

      I drove the XR6T Falcon when I was in Sydney with the turbocharged inline 6 and it absolutely shames the Mustang and every other Ford US sedan in every respect. It's a handsome, well proportioned and good looking car and the engine was simply amazing. Some of us aren't as turned-on by retro designs as others, why shouldn't Ford satisfy both?

      The all-new Falcon debuts next year, the current model this Cobra is based on debuted back in the late 90s and has gone through numerous updates since then.

      This is a nice way of sending it out.
        • 7 Years Ago
        @ hilly -
        i agree that the F6 is doing well against HSV (who need to have a torana or somethign damnit) -but i doubt these cobra's will triple or even increase in price much. sad to say but many of the 'limited' editions offered by ford and holden of the past decade or so haven't increased in value as far as i can tell.
        i ascribe it to the fact that they really aren't that different to their sibling models, and there are more of them, so they have less impact as say, a GTHO and the like.
        it would be different if they released stuff like the 427 monaro etc imo.
      • 7 Years Ago
      V8 & 6 speed manual down under in a Ford Sedan, are they just more true auto enthusiasts than us?

      reference the domestic demand, albeit a minority:

      • 7 Years Ago
      Looks like the last generation Mustangs.
      • 7 Years Ago
      The Cobra name seems wasted on these. A four door sedan and a Ranchero? They are good enough cars on their own, but Cobra doesn't seem any better a fit than it did on the Mustang II (ugh).

      BTW - the $65k sedan translates to $58,472.00 US - that's like a supercharged Saleen Mustang (465 bhp) with the MaxGrip rear diff, gas-guzzler tax, and freight. I don't know what other taxes you'd add or subtract from the Falcon, but it still seems a little pricey.
        • 7 Years Ago
        i live in australia and over here the old cobras are fetching more than $200 000 so if you buy the new cobra you'll get heaps more money when you sell it
      • 7 Years Ago

      The Falcon could be sold as the new Mercury Marauder.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I rather have a Charger
      • 7 Years Ago
      This is pretty lame, the Cobra is basically nothing more than a couple blue stripes. You can get a much bigger power upgrade with just a simple ECU tune that a huge amount of FPV owners have been doing for years. HSV is smashing them in sales so this is basically just a way to get rid of a few hundred more cars before the new model comes in next year.

      If they were serious about a special edition car, it'd be a 500hp+ GT-HO, not a "look new stripes a wheels!" Cobra that was lame when it first came out, and just as lame now.
        • 7 Years Ago
        But then you have to have a warranty on it.

        Nothing hurts sales more than bad PR from a car that blows engines under warranty.
      • 7 Years Ago
      I agree with TriShield to an extent. But, I don't think it is the import buyers that slam a sport sedan with high HP, 6 speed manual

      Rather, it would be the tradditional Domestic Sedan consumer who wants command-tractor-trailer-minivan seating in the Ford 500/Taurus. Case in point: Look at how the V6 Fusion 'sport' model is de-sportified from the Mazda 6.

      Do tastes effect perception or does perception effect tastes?

      Or, we could just end this blog thread if Ford would bring back the likes of the ORIGINAL SHO or the Contour SVT. The story repeats itself... Was it, is it, a purely accounting decison based on the minority number of customers that are enthusiats?
      • 7 Years Ago
      Nice high spoiler for hanging laundry to dry while driving!
      • 7 Years Ago
      Yeah, the 300C and Charger were duds too... Everyone knows America would rather have the Ford 500/Taurus/Camry/Accord-thing. Or is it Maxima? I forget. Not to forget the Fusion/Camry/Accord, which is either above or below the 5TCAM, I'm not really sure. Wrong wheel drive FTW!
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