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Ironhide as he appears in the film, Transformers

Of all the GM rides playing Autobots in Transformers, one of the favorites around here is Ironhide (above), who rolls as a completely tricked GMC TopKick 6500 pickup truck when he's not kicking ass, taking names, and intimidating Chihuahuas as the Autobots' weapons specialist. Monroe Truck Equipment, which modifies rides like the TopKick for business owners, has partnered up with Hasbro to offer the ultimate adult Transformers toy: a near-exact Ironhide replica (minus the giant transforming robot element, of course).

Ironhide edition TopKick by Monroe TruckIronhide buyers get twin big-rig-style smokestacks, 20" black wheels wearing massive tires in lieu of the TopKick's standard dualies, custom, powder-coated front and rear bumpers, and a monster winch up front. The only real differences we see on the Monroe Truck version are the amber running lights (Ironhide's are blue) and the non-aero (but more useful) mirrors. As for the look of horror on Prius drivers' faces when you thunder by in this thing, well, that's an intangible that you can't put a value on. Ironhide effing rules!

[Source: Inside Line]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      I never understood the correlation between; the larger vehicle the smaller the man's penis.
      Is someone tearing drivers out of there vehicles and measuring the results? Please post the results for the rest of us!

      My only wish is that people drive the speed limit. It allows more time to talk on the cell phone and saves lives.

      • 1 Year Ago
      im going to get this car one way or another ok its not accruate but its good enough for me im getting
      • 6 Years Ago
      This is America you all are a bunch of delusional tree hugging idiots. I drive a big truck because I want and can do so. The earth is warming, polar ice is melting and its all caused by people who drive big trucks and suvs, give me a break. Public education has really created a large number of morons.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Stew- The F450 actually turns tighter than the 350, due to its front axle design. Likewise, these C5500's turn tighter than a similar C/K3500. The big tires on this could throw it off, however.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Wow, this is only the second article I've seen about him and I'm totally having a love affair with this truck... I heart you Ironsides.

      (LMAO @ #14)
      • 8 Years Ago
      the last i checked this is a free country and you can purchase and drive any legal vehicle you can afford. if burning fuel is the issue i think flying in private jets uses more fuel than anyone driving one of these trucks. these people should be forced to stand in line with shoes in hand at airports like the rest of us.
      • 8 Years Ago
      When I lived in Omaha, I could've sworn I passed a dealership filled with these awkward big-rig pickups, but somehow I thought they were Internationals, not GMCs.
      • 8 Years Ago
      if its a replica, does that mean it will have the autobot symbol on the tailgate?
      • 4 Years Ago
      The TopKick that was sent our way was a C4500 crew cab with four-wheel drive, the least beefy of the available chassis. The optional four-wheel drive was new for 2005 in the pickup version.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Pretty doed look likes this one, haha: http://www.zonow.com/21
      • 6 Years Ago
      With respect gentlemen, I'm both a fan of power/muscle and a fan of green technology. Among the vehicles I wish to own, are a 67 Shelby GT500, an Aston Martin DB9, a simple fuel efficient SUV such as the Ford Escape, and of course this truck would complete a collection and make almost any collector proud.

      Now I'm not a fan of getting single digit fuel economy, but you don't have to to get performance. I'm fully aware of modern day diesels such as the Duramax 6600, the gear ratios, and the axle ratios. One extreme is great for towing and getting a heavy load up a mean hill, and one is great for flat land hauling where time and fuel is money. That being said, I have confidence that with time green technology will dissolve it's pathways to reducing power, and eventually the father of all great toys, technology itself, will find new sources of power that will yield numbers that would leave any contractor, hobbyist, collector, or Texas citizen speechless.

      I'd be most pleased with a duramax-electric hybrid with a nano-wired lithium ion battery array under the rear bench. That alone would yield mid 30's easily on the highway, and latter 20's in the city.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "Threatening drivers of small responsible cars with bodily harm just to compensate for your small dick is pretty lame if you ask me."

      Well I find it amusing and I'm a Prius owner (2007, ftw!). Of course, if Mr. Truck here gets all threatening on me, then I just go down the street a mile and by then he's outta gas, outta mind.
        • 4 Months Ago

        I have 7 kids 3 mine 4 adopted and 4 grandchildren and I've been married for 28 fantastic years I'm 54 years old…I own a 2007 chevy 4x4 dually 3500 one ton truck,,I pull a 47 foot toy hauler with 9 quads in it…My truck with its duramax 6.6 averages rite under 20 miles to the gallon while not towing and driving easy but on the highway going long distance I can get over 20…But I have a 110 Gallon auxillary fuel tank in the back so I carry around 140 or so gallons and the extra weight just makes the truck ride real nice you can hardly notice it but here is my point I run about 80 % veggie oil that I collect for free from my local restaurant owners I own a small auto shop and the property so its easy for me to collect and filter so even when I'm hauling and getting around 10 or 11 miles per gallon when you do the math I'm getting better mileage than the prius or any of the little cars and my carbon foot print is smaller…The diesels of the 80s while they did smoke like the vw rabbit were getting 50ish miles per gallon and now the new diesel economy cars burn so clean that there isn't a gas hybrid out there that can compete just do the math…there is 3 to 4 times the energy in a cup of diesel then in the same cup of gas..When ford originally produced his first autos they all ran on turpentine or any type of alcohol…When Dr diesel made his first diesel engine it ran on peanut oil…But rockefeller put an end to that because he owned the oil and beat ford in court because he had more money…I legally produce alcohol and trade it 2 to 1 for my diesel fuel and I make the alcohol for less than 40 cents a gallon..I haven't paid more than 50 cents a gallon for diesel in years after its all said and done and I put very little effort into it and I've been doing it for so long…All of my kids drive diesels and I just got my wife a 2015 MBZ AMG G63 For our wedding anniversary and these cars get 10 miles to the gallon but ill still be averaging 20 miles to the gallon running 50 50….The funniest thing I've been seeing lately is guys in priuses road raging I've seen it a few times I'm not sure what would happen if they actually pulled over…If you can't fend for yourself when it comes to technology and working with your hands then your stuck with whatever they tell you and sell you…Owe anonymous I get almost 2000 miles to a tank…..Local13hutch….

          • 4 Months Ago

          One more thing I don't allow any of my family members to drive any of these little death trap cars all of my kids and my wife drive full size suv or truck this is the reason I put so much time and money into figuring out an economical way for me to insure there safety…One traffic collision in your prius then what I don't even let my kids drive in these little cars  with there friends even around town..Although most of my vehicles are diesels I do have gas engine cars also…My son drives a 02 escalade that I bought new and I run it on 100% alcohol..With very little modification I think it cost less than 400$ at the local chevy dealer to program the computer for and change the timing for alcohol,,,So now I can run gas or alcohol and the on board computer recalculates in a millisecond for the fuel….and my escalade gets better mileage than any prius or any electric car there is …Electricity comes from somewhere and a lot of it is coal burning plants….local13hutch.

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