Cybersnitching reports bad drivers on information superhighway

We've all seen them. Drivers so engrossed in whatever else they're doing that they don't seem to remember they are driving, too. Oh, how we've secretly wished there was a cop around to witness these acts and punish the offenders. Well, thanks to the wide availability of affordable cell phone cams, and the accessibility and popularity of the internet, motorists are taking the law into their own hands. Sort of.

A whole slew of websites has popped up where people can report bad driving and vent their frustrations for the world to see. Sometimes with accompanying photos, motorists post the offender's description, plate number, and offending behavior. All of the sites require membership and to avoid unwarranted attacks, they show the name of the reporter, too. Not a place for vendettas, these sitse really are a way for citizens to help keep other drivers accountable. As we all know, it can be easy to think you're alone, isolated in your own car, but when we pilot a vehicle on public motorways, we need to work within the rules so everybody can reach their destination promptly and safely. Of course there will always be a few boneheads that clog everything up, but that's no excuse for road rage or overly aggressive driving. At least that's what our probation officer tells us. Below you'll find a short list of some of these sites. The list is by no means complete, so feel free to share ones we omitted.
  • Irate-Driver is a relatively small site with just a few reported incidents. Still, it's straightforward and has lots of safety links and other resources.
  • PlateWire seems to be the largest such site. License plates are displayed and are searchable, but there's a twist. Good drivers and even secret admirers can be listed with thumbs ups and winks.
  • Caughtya reads more like a blog, with incident reports listed by date.
  • Bad Driving is a UK-based site that looks a bit like a used car listing service. More pics here than elsewhere.
[Source: KTLA]

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