• Jul 18th 2006 at 3:32PM
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And now for a little look inside the recently announced the SMART EV. DaimlerChrysler's tiny SMART EV will be powered by an electric drivetrain developed by British company Zytek. The drivetrain uses rare-earth magnet technology, a DC motor, and regenerative braking system for a claimed range of 72 miles. The maximum speed of the SMART EV will be electronically limited to 70 mph. Zytek claims the SMART EV "provides all the safety features and dynamic ability of the standard smart fortwo, but with zero vehicle emissions" and slashed fuel costs. Initially, about 200 SMART EVs will be built and will be leased to selected corporate customers starting in November.

[Source: Zytek]


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      • 6 Years Ago
      I totally agree with previous comments.It is also time governments started to help the alternative energy E.V more.
      it is happening in many other countries.
      We need some bold uk companies like zytek to step into the forefront with these new technologies and bring out a cheaper electric car for the average punter.
      There is so much anti e.v feeling from the motoring lobby but the public are starting to get more intelligent about the benefits.
      We have a temporary drop in oil prices but as the reserves dwindle more and more prices will start to rise.
      Remember there are many more useful things to do with oil than burn in a 4x4 with one driver.
      We have been subsidised by oil for many generations and it is time we invested in other energy!!
      • 6 Years Ago
      This is from 2006. Daimler announced the second generation Fortwo ED using the Tesla battery pack in August 2009. No mention of Zytek. Hmm.
      • 7 Years Ago
      Why don't they make them available to the average consumer? If I could buy or lease an electric car with that range and top speed, I would jump at the chance! The automakers need to start delivering on their promises and come out with some viable and affordable EV's instead of showing an endless parade of concepts that never come to market.
      • 8 Years Ago
      This is a great technology but we have to point out something. It is not the first diesel electric hybrid. We made the first one many years ago and called it the Enigma. www.l3reaserch.com.

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