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So far, BMW's deliveries of 7 Series models are up 26% versus a year ago. Much of that is likely due to the freshening the car underwent last year, making the controversial Chris Bangle design a bit more pleasing to the eye. Always looking for a way to keep things interesting, BMW has now introduced a new Exclusive Edition package that will be available for European 7 Series models starting in the fall. (It may well be available in North America, too. BMW has not posted an announcement directed at that market yet.)

The Exclusive Editions introduce two new paint colors -- Carbon Black and Stratus Grey, two new interior schemes --Ecru and Gold Brown, and new uneven-width 19" wheels. The paint and interior colors can me mixed and matched to create four individual Exclusive Edition combos. The new exterior finishes reflect light differently depending on the amount of sunlight and angle of viewing. The new interiors are swathed in soft Merino leather. A two-tone steering wheel, piano black or dark ash wood trim, and anthracite or alcantara (V12 models) headliners complete the package.

Pricing for the Exclusive Edition package is only slightly higher than what one would pay for standard metallic paint, 19" wheels, and Club Leather interior, so it should find its way onto a fair number of cars.

(Additional info, photos after the jump)

[Source: BMW via LuxuryLaunches]

Stratus Grey w/ Ecru:
7 Series Exclusive Edition - Stratus Grey/Ecru
7 Series Exclusive Edition - Stratus Grey/Ecru7 Series Exclusive Edition - Stratus Grey/Ecru7 Series Exclusive Edition - Stratus Grey/Ecru7 Series Exclusive Edition - Stratus Grey/Ecru7 Series Exclusive Edition - Stratus Grey/Ecru
7 Series Exclusive Edition - Stratus Grey/Ecru7 Series Exclusive Edition - Stratus Grey/Ecru7 Series Exclusive Edition - Stratus Grey/Ecru

Carbon Black w/ Gold Brown:
7 Series Exclusive Edition - Carbon Black/Gold Brown7 Series Exclusive Edition - Carbon Black/Gold Brown7 Series Exclusive Edition - Carbon Black/Gold Brown
7 Series Exclusive Edition - Carbon Black/Gold Brown7 Series Exclusive Edition - Carbon Black/Gold Brown7 Series Exclusive Edition - Carbon Black/Gold Brown7 Series Exclusive Edition - Carbon Black/Gold Brown7 Series Exclusive Edition - Carbon Black/Gold Brown

Press Release:

Exclusive Editions for the BMW 7 Series. Customer Deliveries up 26 per cent in the First Half of 2006 - Most Successful 7 Series of All Times.


Munich. Approximately one year after the market launch of the BMW 7 Series model update, this exclusive model series is continuing its highly successful career in an even more competitive luxury performance saloon segment: In the first half of 2006, 26 per cent more 7 Series were delivered to customers than in the same period last year, making the current model the most successful 7 Series in the history of BMW. After 4 ½ years in the market, customer deliveries of BMW's luxury performance saloon amount to almost 235,000 units.

The BMW 7 Series - the trendsetter in the luxury performance class.

What makes the unique success story of the 7 Series even more positive and exhilarating for the BMW Group is that the 7 Series set significant new trends from the start when launched in 2001. Numerous product features of the 7 Series, in particular the car's control philosophy and various elements of its design language, are now to be found in many luxury performance automobiles. Five years ago these features were regarded as very progressive and were the subject, at least in part, of controversial public discussions. Today, on the other hand, they are accepted in full as natural strengths and assets. This alone underlines the pioneering achievement of the BMW 7 Series, with the strategic product decisions taken by BMW at the time having proved to be highly successful.

Special Edition Exclusive 7 Series coming in autumn even more appealing than ever before.

To enhance the unique appeal of the 7 Series to an even higher level, BMW is offering four Edition models as of autumn 2006, featuring exclusive combinations of paintwork and upholstery, new 19-inch light-alloy wheels, and particularly luxurious interior features.

These four Edition models are as follows:

Special Edition Exclusive Carbon Black/Gold Brown
Special Edition Exclusive Stratus Grey/Ecru
Special Edition Exclusive Carbon Black/Ecru
Special Edition Exclusive Stratus Grey/Gold Brown

Two exclusive paintwork options for a classic and elegant look.

From outside the four Edition models can be distinguished at first sight by the two exclusive Carbon Black Metallic and Stratus Grey Metallic Edition paintwork options offering unique brilliance of colour and creating different shining effects depending on the angle of observation and light falling on to the car. In all cases, the special paintwork gives the 7 Series a classic and elegant appearance.

In addition to this unique paintwork, the Edition models come with new 19-inch light-alloy wheels in star-spoke 231 design. Also available separately, these wheels measuring 9J x 19 at the front and 10J x 19 at the rear come on different-sized tyres front and rear with the dimensions 245/45 R 19 and, respectively 275/40 R19.

Enhanced range of leather upholstery in top-quality Merino leather.

Inside, the Edition models boast an enhanced range of leather upholstery in Merino leather available in both Gold Brown and Ecru. Merino leather is largely natural, thick cowhide, a particularly mild and soothing tanning process serving to highlight the natural character of the leather and retain its open pores. This keeps the surface of the leather soft and supple at all times.

Merino leather is not subjected to any kind of additional surface treatment, such as the application of colour layers or any kind of artificial graining. But precisely this makes it essential to use the highest quality of raw material, only skins with a perfect, untouched surface being good enough for production purposes. Merino leather upholstery gives the complete interior of the car a very natural and particularly exclusive ambience.

Interior with top-class materials plus high-quality, colour-matched details.

The exclusive character of the Edition models is clearly underlined within the car by a wide range of additional details. As an example, these special models come with a leather sports steering wheel matched to the colour of the upholstery and complete with a twin-tone steering wheel rim. The foot mats in velours come with leather piping in the colour of the upholstery chosen. And interior trim in Piano Paint black and Ash Grain dark is specifically matched to the colour world of the interior.

A further highlight of the four Special Edition Exclusive models is the roof lining in Anthracite forming a harmonious contrast to the car's upholstery. On the two top-of-the-range 12-cylinder 760i and 760Li models, the roof lining is even made of top-quality Alcantara.

The four Edition versions will be available as of autumn for all models in the 7 Series. The very low and therefore attractive price premium in the German market is between Euro 7,100.- and 10,420.- incl VAT, depending on the Edition version and the model itself. The purchaser of a BMW 730d, for example, already deciding in favour of "standard" metallic paint, 19-inch wheels with different-sized tyres and Full leather Club upholstery, would pay an extra price of just Euro 1,500.- incl VAT for the Special Edition Exclusive model in Stratus Grey/Ecru.

All photos courtesy of BMW

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 9 Years Ago
      Why in the name of all that is holy did they two-tone the steering wheel?!

      But the car is still a mighty beast :)

      • 9 Years Ago
      The Bangle butt is horrible so I think this is more of a testament of how incrredible the ride is and the interior, which they just improved w/these special editions. What other car could look this bad and do this well? Also, mercedes and audi have their versions of I-drive. They aren't any better, the same but different.
      • 9 Years Ago
      they're up 26% because the German market loves them, there's a few around here in England too, before this model the only 7 i used to see was my dads, now there's one or two i see every day on my commute, usually blasting past me with seemingly no effort at all.
      • 9 Years Ago
      For iDrive i think we dont have time to discuss that, we ll last for hours, by the way is my personal favorite car gadget.

      As for the car i think its better designed than a new S-class, obviously more juvenile, more sporty, and much much richer looking interior, i mean from every (B)angle its a stunning car, its my next investments lol.
      • 9 Years Ago
      And after all this time, no matter how hard they try, it's still just a Bat-bleeping insanely ugly car.

      I still can't believe how ugly BMW's have gotten.
      • 9 Years Ago
      Tom (#4): I live in Ffld. Cty., and the 7 Series is all over the place. I agree with you on the number of Maybachs, though. Lots & lots. MB of Greenwich moves quite a few, I believe. The Phantoms I see out and about have more presence than the 'Bach.
      • 9 Years Ago
      The Ultimate Ugly machine, how do people pay money for this shit???

      Buy the new Jaguar XJR Portfolio or a Range Rover Sport, something with some style... Most want though, because not many have style and sophistication!!!
      • 9 Years Ago
      What I don't get is why people are bashing on the 7-series now with its 'new' look (current generation, before and after the refresh). I don't know about you, but throughout the years the big luxury sailboats never really had any type of stylish appeal to them.

      As for i-drive, yes there is a large learning curve to it... something that the engineers should have though of when creating the device, but nearly all long term car users do agree that the i-drive makes sense after you learn how to use it. Jeremy clarkson drove the A8 and the 7 series long term and he chose the i-drive over the MMI interface, even though nearly every other automotive journalist who drove the car short term chooses the Audi system over the BMW's.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I dig the gold brown interior.
      • 9 Years Ago
      How many cars is 26% more? I live in Westchester county and work in midtown Manhattan. I see more Maybachs than 7 series. Maybe if I drive over to Greenwich the streets will be paved with 7s. Or maybe they're selling a lot of them in LA.

      The 7 does not seem to be the IT car in this part of the country.
      • 9 Years Ago

      it's even bigger mistery how this car, with it's controversial exterior design and iDrive system which requires Ivy league college to operate it, still managed to be unquestioned market success..

      is it because of the engines? or the feel of drive?
      • 9 Years Ago
      I agree with Luis I like the 7's design better than the new S class. Those fender flares remind me of old tacky widebody kits for the Benzes
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