• Apr 15th 2005 at 8:24AM
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What appeared to be a pie-in-the-sky Land Rover concept may get a production green light according to sources quoted by Edmunds. The coupe-like body with two doors would be built with the Range Rover Sport mechanicals and would most likely lose the wild scissor doors. Seems like a good vehicle to use that Aston Martin V-12 that Land Rover has been tooling around with.

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      I believe it isnt so much of an issue to or not to have the swivel doors as it is to offer them as an option. Its an awesome selling point to me but others will differ. Solution: Offer them as an option appealing to both worlds. All of this is mute if they dont put the blasted car into production. Land Rover repent of this sin if you do not put the Range Stomer into production.
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      I agree with you Bamboo. Different door styles would obviously be expensive, but in a top of the line Range Stormer, why not push it onto the production model. By the way, that vehicle is absolutely gorgeous, mostly for the proportions. Everything is so balanced. Sure the details maybe nice, but from afar the car has such good balance in its lines. What do you think: key776@hotmail.com for any comments.
      • 10 Years Ago
      I 3rd the motion to keep the doors. There are no SUV's with factory scissor doors, nor is there another that is as beautiful as the Stormer. I have been waiting to hear about it going into production and would be greatly dissatisfied if any aspect is different.
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      Why loose the doors. Someone help me out here (Dave?), why don't more cars have some kind of doors other than the usual. I live in Washington D.C. and am so tired of walking up to my car and finding yet another new ding in the side. I park as far away from the front of stores as possible, but with the population here, most of the time the lot is full. I also live in an apt., so I have to park in a lot everynight. Doors like on this concept look like a good idea to me because they swing up instead of out. I have also seen some of the concepts on autoblog that have doors that pop out a little and then the hole door slides foward flush with the front quarter panel. Why don't auto makers try some of these?
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