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A couple's messy breakup went viral after a woman smashed her ex-boyfriend's car with his acoustic guitar in the middle of a busy parking lot.

During the development of General Motors' new GMT900 SUVs, the team in charge of design was taken out to the company's Milford Proving Grounds and made to dress in drag as an exercise. They wore high-heels, fake press-on nails and garbage bag skirts to simulate what The Car Connection refers to as "female handicaps" (are we really calling them that?) while operating various features of their new 'utes. The result was at least three features on GM's new SUVs that wouldn't have been there otherwis

var digg_url = 'http://digg.com/design/Women_s_shoe_with_hide_away_high_heel_for_driving'; As a male, I can't begin to imagine the many hardships that go along with being a woman. Under-wire bras, various forms of painful hair removal, and uncomfortable shoes are just a few of the things many women endure to fit our culture's current definition of beauty. Uncomfortable shoes, however, can cause more than just blisters. Stilettos, sling-backs, strappy sandals and driving barefoot can sometimes

Equal rights activists note that, with few exceptions, motor racing is an almost entirely male-dominated sport. In fact, the vast majority of racing drivers are white men, with only a handful of pioneers like Narayan Karthikeyan, Danica Patrick and Lewis Hamilton breaking through the grid. But this year, the Indianapolis 500, one of the most prominent races in the world (certainly in America) will feature, for the first time in motorsport history, three female drivers.