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Toyota Working With WiTricity On The Technology

Could 2016 be the year prospective Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid buyers are waiting for? Why, yes, says an unidentified Toyota spokesman. That's according to Plug-in Cars, which reports that a wireless plug-in vehicle charging system may be less than two years away for the Prius Plug-in.


See all those Audi A1 e-trons in the photo above? In the near future, they could look exactly the same – i.e., without any visible cords – but be charging their batteries, thanks to Audi's work on wireless charging.

Mitsubishi Motors has teamed with Boston-based WiTricity and Japan's IHI Corporation to research and develop a program designed to make wireless charging a reality for plug-in vehicle owners.

Japanese automaker Toyota has entered into a technological collaboration agreement with Boston, MA-based WiTricity Corporation. The agreement centers on the practical application of automotive wireless charging systems for plug-in vehicles and promotion of their widespread use. Additionally, Toyota will assist WiTricity in raising capital.

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