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Tesla settles lemon lawsuit brought on by Lemon Law King Vince Megna

As much as we're weary about giving so-called Lemon Law King Vince Megna more space on these pages, we've decided it's worth letting you all know that his client has settled his lawsuit with Tesla Motors over a Model S sedan that he claims was a lemon.

Tesla strikes back against Lemon Law King over Model S dispute [UPDATE]

*UPDATE: We have now also received a statement from the Model S owner in question, which has been added below.

'King of Lemon Laws' Vince Megna files suit against Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors is already busy in the courts, filing a suit in New Jersey last week to appeal the direct-sales ban of its automobiles in that state. But now it's going to have to deal with the self-described "King of Lemon Laws," Vince Megna, in Wisconsin. Now that we think about it, this showdown was quite

Couple sues Ford because Escape lemon replacement is wrong color [w/poll]

The self-proclaimed "King of Lemon Laws" strikes again. This time with a couple in Wisconsin whose 2010 Ford Escape was in the shop for more than 30 days within the first year of ownership due to transmission problems. The couple hired Vince Megna after Ford replaced their Sangria Red Escape

'King of Lemon Laws' lawyer successful with Fisker Karma in Wisconsin [w/video]

Vince Megna certainly has a way with words. In one five-and-a-half minute video, he calls the Fisker Karma a "modern-day Ford electric Pinto." He also says, "This is a beautiful car. It's just too bad it catches on fire." Would we expect anything less florid from the man who calls himself the King of Lemon Laws?

Mercedes shells out $618,000 over lemon law'd $56K E-Class

Mercedes-Benz has made a payment of $618,000 by order of the Wisconsin Supreme Court for a lemon law case from 2005. In the case, a Wisconsin businessman, Marco Marquez purchased an E-Class, which turned out to be defective. By defective, Marquez's lawyer, lemon law-specialist Vince Megna says the owner needed the E320 to be repa