Vince Megna certainly has a way with words. In one five-and-a-half minute video, he calls the Fisker Karma a "modern-day Ford electric Pinto." He also says, "This is a beautiful car. It's just too bad it catches on fire." Would we expect anything less florid from the man who calls himself the King of Lemon Laws?

Megna was referring to two cases of the Karma being involved in fires, one in California and one in Texas. The reason Megna is concerned is because he was bringing a Karma to a dealership for his unnamed client in Wisconsin, who apparently needed to keep his vehicle in the shop for 120 days during his first seven months of ownership. That's well above the 30-day threshold set by Wisconsin's lemon law. Megna says Fisker refunded his client the $103,000 that the car cost, even though he wouldn't agree to Fisker's request to keep his complaints quiet. It was the first lemon law buy-back for a Karma, Megna says, adding that he doesn't think it will be the last. We've contacted Fisker about Megna's claims, but have yet to hear back.

But what's Justin Bieber – or a cardboard cutout of His Bieberness – doing in the image above? Well, Megna has a bit of Michael Moore in him, and he went to a Fisker dealer to ask if the Karma is safe for celebrities like Bieber to drive (the teenage phenom has – had? – a custom chrome Karma in his garage). Thoughtfully, Megna brought along his video camera to record his visit. And a Bieber t-shirt-wearing paralegal with her mouth taped shut. You can see the comedic results below.

Fisker Karma Information

Fisker Karma

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