As much as we're weary about giving so-called Lemon Law King Vince Megna more space on these pages, we've decided it's worth letting you all know that his client has settled his lawsuit with Tesla Motors over a Model S sedan that he claims was a lemon.

As you may remember, the electric sedan in question, a 2013 Signature Performance Model S, was owned by a doctor in Wisconsin who claimed that his shiny new car required servicing so often that he had it in the shop for 66 days in his first few months of ownership. The owner claims to have asked Tesla to buy the car back three separate times and claims to be able to provide proof of such, though Tesla previously refuted that version of events, suggesting in a blog posting that the owner may have tampered with a fuse.

In the end, the two parties decided to settle, with Tesla agreeing to pay Robert Montgomery, the owner, $126,836 to cover the car's cost along with his taxes and attorney fees. Case closed. If you'd like to see Megna's own video discussing the settlement, scroll down below.

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Tesla Model S

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