Yesterday, we told you about the Obama Administration's plans to begin selling drones beyond the current close group of US allies. It seems, though, that Uncle Sam wasn't quite moving fast enough for one outfit, who've begun shipping drones... to the Ukraine.

Now, it's not like this group shanghaied an MQ-9 Reaper and a crate of Hellfire missiles. They started out far, far smaller, shipping simple Phantom 2 quad-rotors, like the one shown above. These tiny drones are better suited to hauling GoPro cameras rather than missiles, and with a price tag of around $1,300, they're far cheaper than the $17-million Reaper. Lack of offensive punch and low price aside, these drones should still prove hugely useful in theater, particularly when you remember the old adage that "time spent on reconnaissance is seldom wasted."

The drones are being donated by Chicago Automaidan, a Facebook group that has been raising funds and donating supplies to Ukrainian forces. But with the danger posed by Russian jamming, The Air Force Times is reporting, the outfit is looking to begin developing drones that are better suited to the Ukrainian theater than the hobby-level Phantom.

With an estimated cost of $2,000, the group is building a drone that it expects to boasts a three-foot wingspan and, we're guessing, will be better protected from Russian countermeasures. AFT is reporting the first drone should be shipped next week for testing with Ukrainian forces.

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