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The car that drove down sidewalks, killing one person and injuring 20, has raised concerns about safety provisions in a recent $55 million revamp of the area.


Playing a racing game on the big screen can sometimes feel a bit like the real thing, but what happens when the screen is larger than life? Hyundai has created a new iPhone driving game for the Veloster that is interactive on a level that most gamers can only dream of.

The Honda CR-Z hybrid isn't the CRX gloriously returned from the dead, but it also isn't all that bad. Maybe what the car needs to attract some attention is a big, flashy 3D display in Times Square that takes up five blocks and where, as the press release says, "Maxim Magazine models will distribute copies of their special 3-D October issue and Honda will sponsor a special performance from chart-topping hip-hop trio, N.E.R.D." In fact, Honda's CR-Z advertising in NYC will be the "first-ever ta

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The crossroads of North America is about to become a lot more pedestrian-friendly. New York City's Times Square is reportedly getting a makeover to make it car-free. According to an Associated Press report, portions of Broadway from 42nd Street up to 47th and from 33rd to 35th are being closed to cars to cut down on pollution, traffic and pedestrian accidents.

Ah, that mythical 18-34 demographic. So celebrated in our popular culture, so coveted by brands, so elusive and fickle. They do like to party, though, and what better way to try and capture a little of their deficient attention span than to plaster your logo and brand all over the first huge party of the year? That's what Chevrolet will be doing to fulfill it's self-appointed role as the Times Square celebrations "official ride". Kind of ironic when you think about trying to drive in Midtown at