Get ready for the onslaught - GM plans to celebrate New Year's with marketing blitz

Ah, that mythical 18-34 demographic. So celebrated in our popular culture, so coveted by brands, so elusive and fickle. They do like to party, though, and what better way to try and capture a little of their deficient attention span than to plaster your logo and brand all over the first huge party of the year? That's what Chevrolet will be doing to fulfill it's self-appointed role as the Times Square celebrations "official ride". Kind of ironic when you think about trying to drive in Midtown at any time, let alone a holiday. There's no way your Chevy's gonna get anywhere near Dick Clark that night.
GM's making quite the holiday push, actually. Chevrolet plans to cash in on hats adorned with the bowtie logo and a new billboard, all of which should be captured by cameras from several networks. They'll also be running spots for the Cobalt, HHR, Impala, and Malibu. Pontiac will be sponsoring a musical contest on Jimmy Kimmel Live and will host a band on their Pontiac Garage stage. Add to this the general ad blitz that makes up the GM Red Tag event, and it may feel like the GM show, punctuated by New Year's breaks.

[Source: Automotive News]

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