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Car Companies Are Collecting Drivers' Location Data

Privacy advocates fear how such information may be used, new report says

Automakers are obtaining location data through real-time navigation functions and other on-board location services and storing it for varying lengths of time. They need to provide motorists with more information on how and why they're collecting and sharing data, according to a report released Monday.

Next Up From Apple, A New Infotainment System

Tech giant received patent earlier this week

Siri is already becoming a more prominent fixture in our vehicles as Apple finds ways to collaborate with car makers. Now we've got a glimpse at what other vehicular developments are coming from the tech giant.

Hitachi, Airbiquity team up to develop telematics for electric vehicles

Hitachi and Airbiquity have announced a partnership to develop new telematics systems aimed at plug-in vehicles. In all likelihood, you've never heard of Airbiquity, but there is a decent chance you've used some its technology. Airbiquity provides much of the back-end communications infrastructure used by General Motors and Ford for the OnStar and Sync systems.