'Dilbert My Ride': PC Magazine creates a four-wheeled cubicle

While the notion of drivers that want to access the Information Superhighway while motoring on the interstate highway concerns us greatly, we're reasonably sure that we're outnumbered. In fact, its likely only a matter of time before Bill Gates and friends are hanging out in our center console, jockeying for space with HVAC systems and cupholders brandishing venti Frappucchinos.

Oh, you've seen in car computers before. Most stabs at putting the computers in a four-wheeled environment have started with ultra-posh showcars, resulting in hyper expensive technological tour de forces. But that's not the case with PC Magazine, which inexplicably went and turned a humble 1998 Toyota Corolla into a mobile office.

Of course, with a scanner at the ready (visor resident, no less), a laptop hiding underneath the driver's seat, printer armrest, rudimentary heads-up display and apaper-shredder in the glovebox, there's probably more money in added silicon horsepower in here than there is Toyota horsepower, but that doesn't seem to bother the PCM folks. 

Be afraid, children... be very afraid.

(Top-tip, J!)

[Source: PC Magazine]

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