Apple patented a next-generation telematics system this... Apple patented a next-generation telematics system this week that could provide a glimpse at what's ahead for collaborations between the tech giant and car companies. (AP photo)
Siri is already becoming a more prominent fixture in our vehicles as Apple finds ways to collaborate with car makers. Now we've got a glimpse at what other vehicular developments are coming from the tech giant.

Earlier this week, Apple was granted a patent for a touchscreen telematics system. At first glance, it uses many features already in cars today, like knobs, sliders and other known touchscreen controls. But Apple's new system uses tactile feedback to help drivers keep their eyes on the road.

TechCrunch reports the in-development system would extend "its ability to be completely user programmable and able to extend its reach to systems like windshield wiper control. The patent talks about customizability through apps and information, such as from the Stocks app, being displayed through the console."

You can read the full report from TechCrunch here.

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