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Tesla starts taking solar roof orders next month

We still don't know how much these solar shingles will cost.

Tesla and SolarCity electrify a small island in the South Pacific

Instead of diesel generators, Ta'u will now use solar panels.

Tesla unveils its solar roof and Powerwall 2

This is why Elon Musk says Tesla and Solar City belong together.

Tesla gets FTC approval to acquire Solar City in $2.6 billion deal

The acquisition was on an FTC list of proposed transactions for "early termination."

Governmental approval of the deal moves Tesla one step closer to buying – or perhaps more appropriately bailing out – Solar City.

Tesla offers to buy SolarCity for up to $3 billion

The deal is a common stock exchange between cousins.

Tesla Motors makes a stock exchange offer to acquire SolarCity for something like $2.5 or $3 billion.

Google CEO Larry Page says his billions should go to Elon Musk

When you have basically all the money in the world, it can be tough to spend it all. It will be even tougher to spend when you're dead. If you're Google CEO and co-founder Larry Page, though, you already know how you want your money to live on after you're gone: support innovators like Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Tesla's Elon Musk made $1.1 billion yesterday, how about you?

Thanks to skyrocketing share prices, yesterday was a very big payday for Tesla founder Elon Musk. The already wealthy businessman added another $1.1 billion, ten percent of his net worth, to his overflowing wallet yesterday after Tesla's shares hit $248. This time last year, TSLA w

Following devastating earthquake, Elon Musk helping Fukushima go solar

In the last few months, Japan's Fukushima Prefecture has suffered through an enormous earthquake, devastating tsunami, and the frightening meltdown of multiple nuclear reactors. Not exactly the best set of circumstances. Though local and national officials have been working to restore services and and infrastructure, it's understandable that prefecture communities are still suffering from the damage caused this triptych of disaster.

EVS23: Tesla Roadster sittin' under a SolarCity roof

I know that there can really never be enough pictures of the Tesla Roadster around. While a glut of pictures are fine, repeating the same information over and over gets annoying. So, when I stopped by the Tesla Motors and SolarCity booth at EVS23 this week, I asked company representatives to talk about the solar option for everyone's favorite all-electric sports car. We know all about the car already.