EVS23: Tesla Roadster sittin' under a SolarCity roof

I know that there can really never be enough pictures of the Tesla Roadster around. While a glut of pictures are fine, repeating the same information over and over gets annoying. So, when I stopped by the Tesla Motors and SolarCity booth at EVS23 this week, I asked company representatives to talk about the solar option for everyone's favorite all-electric sports car. We know all about the car already.

SolarCity, like Tesla Motors, benefits from Elon Musk being behind the scenes. But, as my interview subjects – Tesla's Anil Parany (whose card I lost and I know I've misspelled his name. My apologies) and SolarCity's Ben Tarbell and Jim Brady – make clear, a SolarCity roof like the one on display can benefit anyone who can plug in a car. The roof will be sold as an option with the Roadster as well as on its own. Listen to the full story here (8 min, 5.8 MB)

At the end of the clip, you can hear Anil wish Martin Eberhard, who recently "transitioned" from the board of directors to the Advisory Board, well. Unfortunately, he didn't give us any more info on what really happened.

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