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Honda Ride Assist Technology | Autoblog Minute

Honda's Ride Assist technology allows a motorcycle to self-balance and follow it's owner. Honda unveiled its Ride Assist Tech at the 2017 Consumer's Electronic Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Ryno Motors Electric Unicycle | Autoblog Minute

This one-wheeled bike brings a video game ride to life. Ryno is a single wheeled electric motorcycle assembled in Portland, Oregon.

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Lit Motors shows off latest prototype at TechCrunch Disrupt, named finalist in Startup Battlefield [w/video]

With its promise of a fun driving experience mixed with super space saving and energy efficiency, we think the Lit Motors C-1 has the potential to be a disruptive bit of transportation tech. And it appears we're not the only ones.

Lit Motors C1 two-wheeled encased motorcycle prototype rolls, rocks!

Nothing makes us green geeks giddy like the emergence of a vehicle with revolutionary potential. The C1 from Lit Motors is one such mode of transport. Looking at the original mock-up, we can easily imagine a future with streets full of these enclosed motorcycles, some autonomous and networked, efficiently taking their owners f