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NanoFlowcell thinks you'd rather refuel your battery, instead of recharging

Company says 'battery-refueling' stations are cheaper than standard chargers.

Do you want to put liquid in your tank or just plug in?

NanoFlowcell's salt-water EV gets 1,075-hp update

Automaker Showed Off Models At This Year's Geneva Show

NanoFlowcell says its electric powertrain can be powered via salt water and push the Quant F to 0-62 MPH in under three seconds.

NanoFlowcell Quant F, Quantino swoop into Geneva [w/video]

Unusual Technology Makes Bold Claims For Zero-Emission Future

NanoFlowcell AG brings two EVs – the Quantino and the Quant F – to Geneva with some unusual zero-emission powertrain technology.

NanoFlowcell Quant F is flowing into Geneva

Quant, makers of the NanoFlowcell power technology we saw on the Quant e-Sportlimousine last year at the Geneva Motor Show, is coming back with an evolution of that car called the Quant F. It gets more power, longer range, a two-speed transmission, adaptable all-wheel drive, and a redesigned carbon fiber monocoque.