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U.S. vehicular fatalities top 40,000 in 2018 for third straight year

National Safety Council says the number is up 14 percent from four years ago

National Safety Council says the number is up 14 percent from four years ago.

US traffic fatalities rise 10 percent in 2016

The figure will most likely increase in the second half of the year.

Drive Safe: 438 people will die on US roads over Labor Day weekend

That will be the highest death toll for the holiday period since 2008.

The National Safety Council estimates that 438 people will be killed in car accidents in the United States over the Labor Day holiday period in 2016.

Traffic fatalities up nine percent with no decrease in sight

Technology may be improving, but motor vehicle fatalities are increasing.

Deborah Hersman, head of NTSB and vocal critic of auto safety efforts, stepping down

The National Transportation Safety Board will be getting a new boss, as the current head has announced she'll be stepping down. Deborah Hersman had a controversial tenure as head of the NTSB, strongly criticizing efforts in automotive safety.

National Safety Council says 2008 traffic deaths hit record low

According to an annual report published by the National Safety Council, there were 39,800 deaths last year related to motor vehicles in 2008. That's an 8% improvement over the previous year, and it's not entirely due to fewer miles driven, as the ratio of deaths per vehicle miles driven has also dropped.