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Renault showcases both mindless and mindful driving

One car uses mind control, the other has a mind of its own.

Which would you choose?

Hackers 'mind-control' a Tesla Model S

UC Berkeley researchers create telepathic Tesla in 36 hours.

Think, and it moves.

What's up with this thought-controlled BMW i3?

Epic Mind Drive Offers Emissions-Free Telepathy

A UK insurance company tricks out a BMW i3 with a robot pilot that receives brainwaves to let you mind-control the car.

Will advanced prosthetics lead to a mind-controlled car? [w/video]

Remember that scene in The Empire Strikes Back, when Luke Skywalker gets his hand chopped off by Darth Vader, and he gets a really cool prosthetic that looks just like his severed hand? (Spoiler alert, by the way.) Well, this technology is the predecessor to that. And while it'll be useful if your estranged father goes after your mitts with a meat clever, a mind-controlled prosthetic doesn't seem terribly important in the world of cars.

Nissan's mind-reading cars will predict your mistakes

There's a long press release and a video after the jump with scads of information, but it distills to this: controlling machines with your brain. José del R. Millán, a researcher at Switzerland's EPFL, has been developing the technology both for communication and mechanical-control purposes, and Nissan Europe has partnered with the lab with an eye on taking such technology to cars.

Brain Power: Toyota develops thought-controlled wheelchair

Toyota Brain Machine Interface Wheelchair – Click above for high-res image gallery