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Mazda will have a new rotary concept at Tokyo show, trying to bring it to production

Mazda's still keeping the rotary flame alive

It's still unlikely, but somewhat less so.

Mazda engineer wants new rotary to be turbocharged

Mazda's drivetrain and powertrain assistant manager wants the company's revived rotary engine to be turbocharged.

50 engineers kept the rotary alive at Mazda for 8 years

For the last eight years, a dedicated team of 50 engineers at Mazda have been working with a small budget to bring the rotary engine back.

Mazda returns to rotary with RX-Vision Concept, crowd goes wild

Skyactiv-R Announced, We're Stoked

Mazda's new concept car looks great, but its the announcement of a next-generation rotary engine that has us buzzing (and adding just a bit of oil).

Mazda RX-Vision Concept revives the rotary

The Mazda RX-Vision concept at the Tokyo Motor Show points the way forward as the company tries to revive the rotary engine in an absolutely beautiful sports coupe. The brand hopes to have this gorgeous shape on the road someday.

Mazda's Tokyo concept foretells of rotary revival

The mysterious Mazda sports car concept we're all waiting to see reportedly packs a new rotary engine, dubbed Skyactiv-R and set to debut shortly in Tokyo.