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German prosecutors have recorded calls between VW bigwigs talking dieselgate

Cheating software was 'programmed so foolishly,' one says

Cheating software was 'programmed so foolishly,' one says.

Porsche powertrain chief arrested in VW diesel emissions scandal

VW board member in charge of R&D also reportedly investigated

Porsche's head of powertrain development has been arrested by German police in the sweeping investigation of diesel emissions violations by parent company Volkswagen Group, sources told German media outlets.

VW names new boss to steer sweeping overhaul

Herbert Diess named CEO in company restructuring

VW's warring stakeholders to hash out new strategy

Here's a rundown of the key players and issues Volkswagen faces

Volkswagen directors will meet on Thursday to discuss a far-reaching shake-up of its structure and leadership, in a test of unity for the car and truck maker's often divided management, labor chiefs and other stakeholders.

Unions will get a VW board seat if they agree to Herbert Diess as CEO

Head of HR is being ousted, too

Volkswagen will give labor leaders a management board seat as part of a broad agreement to win approval for Herbert Diess as the German carmaker's new chief executive, sources said on Wednesday.

Volkswagen reportedly naming VW brand chief Herbert Diess as new CEO

Stock rises on the news Matthias Mueller could be reassigned or out

BERLIN/HAMBURG — Volkswagen is seeking to replace Chief Executive Matthias Mueller with the head of its core VW brand, Herbert Diess, as part of a broader overhaul of its management structure to boost efficiency, two people familiar with the matter said. VW, still struggling to put its 2015 diesel emissions scandal behind it, said earlier on Tuesday it could replace Mueller as part of a management revamp. The shares jumped on the news and were up 4 percent at over 170 euros

Volkswagen CEO gets 40 percent pay raise on record group profit

And that's under new rules meant to cap top exec's salaries

And that's under new rules meant to cap top exec's salaries

VW CEO sees 'strong' Nov/Dec sales, new record in 2017

Could Volkswagen finally be putting Dieselgate in the rear-view mirror?

"In many places we are still too slow, too bureaucratic and too hierarchical."

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Interested, then not: Marchionne not 'chasing' a VW merger

VW recently said it was not cool with a merger. Now it's not not cool.

It's not really a 180, more of a 90.

Volkswagen is not cool with a Fiat Chrysler merger

Mueller gives Marchionne the coldest shoulder possible.

No. Not no thanks. Just no.

'We didn't lie' misstep summed up VW's bad week in Detroit

VW's CEO claimed the company didn't lie to US regulators, which was just one setback for the automaker during the week of the Detroit Auto Show.

VW rearranges leadership as brand focuses on electrification

Porsche's Michael Mauer Now Leads Entire VW Group Design

Volkswagen reorganizes the executive suite, putting Porsche design chief Michael Mauer in charge of VW Group design in addition to his role at Porsche.

Mueller named Audi boss, too

Matthias Müller can add Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Audi to his resume, after the head of VW was appointed to the subsidiary position.

Suspended VW exec Hackenberg resigns in wake of scandal

The move comes at the same time as an executive shuffle at Audi, all while the company's internal investigation into emissions cheating continues.

VW shifts gears to 'qualitative growth,' not huge sales numbers

Volkswagen boss Matthias Mueller released a new five-point plan that calls for the company to reassess its goal of rampant growth.

New Volkswagen CEO says emissons bill to be much higher

Volkswagen admits the bill for its diesel emissions subterfuge will exceed $7.3 billion, while Credit Suisse tells investors the bill could reach $87 billion.

At least 30 VW managers knew of emissions cheat

VW Says That Number Is 'Without Foundation'

Dozens of managers will be suspended and at least 30 employees are believed to have been aware of Volkswagen's diesel cheating scandal, a new report claims.

Recall on VW diesels begins in January, Mueller claims

Volkswagen CEO Matthias Mueller says that a recall on the company's diesels should begin in January. Mueller believes all of the affected cars could be fixed by the end of 2016.

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Piech is back (kinda) at VW

Former VW Supervisory Board Chairman Ferdinand Piech looks to be one of the few people benefiting from the company's diesel emissions scandal. With Winterkorn out, two people very close to him are now running the automaker.

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