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Apple uses Logitech steering wheels and pedals to control autonomous cars

The company is using Lexus RX450h models for testing.

Apple was granted a permit to test self-driving cars on April 14 by the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Logitech turns your car into an Amazon Alexa controller

Engadget shakes down the new Zero Touch with Alexa support.

E3: We see what's cooking at Playseat

Anyone that has searched for a wheel and pedal setup for use with their racing/driving games has undoubtedly stumbled on Playseat. Makers of gaming chairs that look and feel like the real deal, we dropped by the Playseat booth at the E3 show to see what the guys were up to for the coming year.

How to build your own hidden racing sim setup and keep your wife happy

DIY Racing Cockpit Ottoman – Click above for high-res image gallery

GranTurismo geeks rejoice! New Logitech Driving Force Wheel for PS3

Alex just bought a PS3, John already has one, and I'm trying to convince the Misses that after Blu-Ray won the war against HD-DVD we're due to replace our aging console with a new unit from Sony. Logitech just upped the ante with the release of its new Driving Force GT Wheel, but I highly doubt that it's going to help my case.