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Tesla supplier will recycle Flint water bottles into car parts

C3 Ventures wants to turn the crisis into an opportunity.

An unlikely solution presents itself to the massive piles of trash generated by the Flint Water Crisis.

Johnson Controls responds to accusations of excessive lead pollution in China

Shanghai Johnson Controls International Battery has been in the spotlight after at least ten children were reportedly hospitalized in Shanghai's Kangqiao Industrial Zone due to ultra-high levels of lead in their blood.

Pollution from leaded gasoline might have reduced the impact of greenhouse gases, study says

Before you think we've gone crazy, let's make clear that this is a post about a serious report published in Nature Geoscience. According to this report, lead that was expelled to the atmosphere through exhaust gases stimulated the growth of clouds. Larger clouds imply less solar radiation, which has a definitive cool effect. Investigators from Switzerland, Germany and the U.S. "captured" clouds on some mountains and compared them to artificial ones created

REPORT: Dirt bikes for kids legal once again... for the moment

Earlier this year, a law was passed that made it illegal to sell small motorcycles and ATVs in America that were intended primarily for children under the age of 12. The issue was lead content, as the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA) issued a law banning the sale of any product that contains more than 600 ppm of lead in "substrate material."

Lead regulations could keep children's motorbikes out of America

In just a few days time, it will be illegal to sell the majority of small ATVs and motorcycles that are primarily intended for children under the age of 12. Why? According to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA), any product that contains more than 600 ppm of lead in "substrate material" is hazardous and cannot be sold in the United States. While the CPSIA was drafted primarily in response to the growing concern of lead paint used on small toys, it has recently been pointe

California: No more lead-weights after 2009

Here on AutoblogGreen, when we think of lead's use in our automobiles, the first application which comes to mind is the lead-acid car battery, which we would love to see phased out of use by the more efficient, smaller and more energy-dense nickel metal hydride and lithium ion batteries. After batteries, we may remember a time when leaded gasoline was pumped into our fuel tanks. Still, there are other sources of lead in or on your car, including

Could explosive growth in Chinese electric bikes be driving up lead prices?

The price of lead hit a record high on October 9 and Chinese electric bikes may have played a silent role in driving up the price. China produced 19 million battery-driven bikes in 2006 and that could rise 30 percent this year. There are estimates of up to 300 electric bike companies in China and 400,000 tons of lead used in Chinese "e" bikes last year.